Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Club Spotlight: Critical Wit


Dungeons and Dragons is a game that has captured the imaginations of thousands of minds for many years, and it is only fitting that a game that demands such rich storytelling comes to a school like Academic Magnet. Critical Wit, a new club founded this year by Owen Russell, aims to not only have fun playing the game but try to challenge the stereotype that D&D is a die-hard nerdy game. Owen states in an interview that, “D&D has had a bad rep of being super geeky, or really complicated to learn and play. In Critical Wit, we try to let the story shape itself around the people playing, not the other way around. I also try to keep a lighthearted approach to the rules, with the idea that it’s better to make it up on the fly than to get bogged down in the books.”

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is a roleplaying game based on survival, strategy, and luck. The DM, or Dungeon Master, runs the game, weaving together an intricate storyline consisting of obstacles and challenges for the player’s characters to overcome. In this world, dice decide the fate of others in situations where failure is possible, and this element of chance makes the game “truly electrifying”. Together the players must fight against monsters, work with their teammates, and tell a story that they can all be proud of. 

Critical Wit is formed upon the basis of forming new friendships, teamwork, and, most importantly, having fun! Through D&D, Critical Wit encourages its members to think outside the box, work with others, and be imaginative. 

The club has a variety of meetings each week, allowing members to come together to relax and enjoy time with friends. Every member’s schedule varies depending on the group they are in and where they are in their storyline. “At the club fair, I didn’t set a specific time to meet – it locks people out from the club. Instead, I split our 30+ members into groups depending on their schedules, so everyone can be a part of it. The point of D&D is inclusion and a shared experience’, Owen states. Due to this, no two storylines are the same since the players and the DM’s decisions throughout the game influence the plot. Allowing for originality.

Here are some quotes from members of Critical Wit:

Bella All: “D&D is 45 minutes of chaos that makes my day.”

Sam Foppe: “D&D is great when you have enough time and a good group of friends that you can have fun with.”

Overall, Critical Wit is a safe space that allows its members to unwind and spend time together despite the busy life of an AMHS student. This club is a great recreational outlet that encourages creativity and problem-solving. “My goal with this club is to make D&D into a game everyone can be excited about,” says Owen. “Diversity promotes originality, and originality makes a story that you’ll be talking about for years.” If you’ve got a sharp mind and an even sharper sword, Critical Wit is the place for you.

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