Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Twins by chance, Friends by choice: Are Raptor Twins real twins?

Testing the Twininess of Your Favorite Dynamic Duos

As twins ourselves, we are taking a deep dive into the lives of other AMHS twins. Testing their telepathy and how well they know each other, we surveyed 6 sets of twins and gathered some informative data about their twin dynamic. We also took the test ourselves and included a section on our own results. For the final step we gave each pair a rating out of 10 based on how well they know each other, their level of twin telepathy, and how similar their responses were. Will these iconic pairs stand the test of telepathy or will they falter and debunk the theory altogether?

Here is the list of questions we asked:

  1. What object do you think of when you see a green square?
  2. What number comes to mind first?
  3. What word comes to mind first? 
  4. What celebrity comes to mind first? 
  5. What is your favorite food? 
  6. What is your twin’s favorite food?
  7. What is your dream vacation? 
  8. What is your twin’s dream vacation?
  9. What’s your favorite color?
  10. What’s your twin’s favorite color?
  11. What is your dream pet?
  12. What is your twin’s dream pet?

Thomas and Ford Martin

First up we have two twin seniors at Academic Magnet! While these two can be seen playing football and driving to school together, do they truly know one another? Below is each question they answered:

When asked what they think of when looking at a green square, Thomas responded “a green square”…how creative. But, Ford threw in a curve ball, stating, “Green” then “blank” ….. “Money!!” Someone has their mind in the right place. These two seem to be more alike than one thinks, both stating green as their first answer!

When asked what each other’s favorite food is, Ford said Thomas’s was Ramen. How yummy Thomas! Thomas did not give a direct answer back, “Anything he’s always eating something”. Wow, talk about a lack of knowing each other.

Their third question was to think of a number that comes to mind, Thomas said 3 and Ford said 21. While to the blind eye, these may seem different, they are actually both divisible by three!!! How twinny.

They were then asked what their dream vacation was, Thomas responded to the Maldives. But, Ford once again broke their connection, “either going to Texas for a week or going offshore fishing for a few days”. The two have very different ideas of vacations it seems.

We then asked each of their favorite colors, and both responded “Blue” Wow what are the odds?

Their final and post-important question was their dream pet. Thomas said that his dream pet was a corgi and weiner dog named Mr. Weiner, while Ford said he wants a “black or yellow lab with a lot of personality”.While these responses do seem different, they both have a lot of spunk just like these two twins!

Twin rate: 7/10

Sophia and Cy Benich

Double the trouble, double the fun! The next set of twins that we put to the test are the Beniches. This sis and bro duo proved to have solid knowledge of each other which we would say is necessary for a true twin bond. 

When asked what the green square reminded them of, Cy replied with “a cucumber” and Sophia took the more literal route answering with “block”. To test their telepathy one more time we asked them what number they first thought of , and unfortunately they did not reply with the same digit. Though they might not be telepathic, they had some major twin tendencies. 

Sophia stated that she loves to snack on a caprese sandwich, a solid choice. However, Cy replied that he likes to indulge in shrimp fried rice. Sophia also said that this was his favorite food! It’s good to know that if Cy was starving Sophia would know what to put on the plate.  

Next, they both replied that they would like to travel to the Caribbean! That makes planning a family vacation much easier. Cy also said that he would like to go to Iceland, and when asked about her brother’s dream excursion she said Iceland. Wow, Sophia really knows Cy. They are just two peas in a pod. 

Although their favorite colors are on opposite ends of the spectrum with Sophia preferring blue and Cy liking red, once again, Sophia knew that this was Cy’s favorite color. Truly a perfect duo. 

Lastly, we asked about their dream pets and they both answered with different types of dogs. Sophia said a Golden Retriever and Cy said a Husky. Going 4 for 4 Sophia hit the nail on the head and said Cy wanted a Husky. 

With these twins having many differing preferences, they still know everything about each other, answering every question correctly! Cy and Sophia are truly intertwined, giving them a rating of a 9/10 for their level of twinniness.

Hannah and Meredith Finley

Yay, our first pair of identical twins!! Next up we have Meredith and Hannah Finley, these two are current juniors. 

When shown the green square, both seemed to show an environmentalist eye. Hannah said she thought of a leaf, while Meredith described grass. There seems to be a consistency of the twins’ descriptions of the green square, could this mean that telepathy is real!! In another show of their telepathy, both girls said the number that first came to their mind was 6!!! What is this witchcraft, they are destroying the competition of the other twins at Magnet. 

We then asked them what each others favorite food is and Hannah sadly missed the mark. She said Meredith’s favorite food was an açai bowl or smoothie, but Meredith’s favorite food is actually chocolate or peanut butter, better luck next time hannah. But Meredith did help the duo’s scores, guessing correctly that Hannah’s favorite food was pasta!! Looks like Hannah needs to quiz herself on more of Meredith’s favorites.

Another upset, what happened to their streak! When asked about each other’s dream vacation, they both were incorrect 😞. Hannah said Meredith wanted to go to London to see the Royal Ballet, while this response had great specific detail, it was wrong. Meredith actually said she wanted to visit Italy or a place with pretty nature. Meredith also guessed Hannah’s wrong and well guessing she wanted to visit Hawaii when in reality she wanted to visit Italy or Greece. 

But after their slight falter, the two picked it back up with correctly guessing each other’s dream pets, hannahs a dog and merediths a pug. They also correctly guessed eachothers favorite color, Hannah’s boeing Pink and merediths being Purple.

While these two had their mountains to climb, they did overall reveal a true connection with a whopping twin score of 9/10.

Louisa and Lila Garrett

From womb-mates to soul-mates, the Garrett’s are a dynamic duo. A true test to twin telepathy, Lila and Louisa will answer all your burning questions about the alleged phenomenon. This identical pair is pretty difficult to tell apart, but do they have the same similarities in their preferences? 

After taking a glance at the green square Lila expressed that it looked like a cube, a valid answer. However, Louisa saw a tree in the green abyss. To give them another shot at proving telepathy we asked the first number that comes to their heads and Lila said 5 while Louisa said 4. So close but so far! Maybe they just were not on the same wavelength this day. 

Hitting it right on the money, Louisa correctly said that Lila’s favorite food was yogurt. Interesting choice but to each their own I guess. But it was a one sided win when Lila was asked about Louisa’s favorite food saying, “there might not be one but breakfast no matter what is her favorite.” However, Louisa said that she loves tacos. Maybe it is a one sided twinship. 

If given the chance to take a foreign excursion Lila said she wanted to venture on a safari trip in South Africa, and Louisa would prefer a beach vacay to Portugal or Spain. Once again, Louisa was correct in guessing Lila’s dream trip and Lila incorrectly guessed that Louisa would want to travel to a chateau in Southern France. Although it sounds like an amazing trip, it was not what Louisa said would be her ultimate destination. 

Finally, the twins correctly guessed each other’s color of choice. Lila said that Louisa does not have a favorite color because it always changes, and, while this was not the exact answer Louisa gave, I will give it to her because Lousia stated that blue, green, and pink were her top picks. Louisa correctly said that Lila likes blue. It is seeming that Louisa knows more about Lila than Lila knows about her, but there is still one more test. 

Guessing 100% accurately, Lila said that Louisa wants a Panda in her future. However, for the first time, Louisa incorrectly guessed Lila’s dream pet, saying she would want a dog when she really wants a lion. This duo really should take the trip to South Africa for a safari, these are some exotic pet requests. 

While it seems that Louisa may know more about Lila, it seems that Louisa changes her favorite things quite often. Despite their identical looks, their preferences are far from the same, which I would say is important for a perfect twinship. They receive a 9/10, and they might even finish each other’s sentences.

Sophie and Grace Reuben 

Our final twin duo is Sophie and Grade Reuban, our third set of senior twins! While many do get these twins confused they are actually fraternal twins. Will this dynamic duo make it through our trials?

First up when shown the picture of a green square, the two showed their green thumb once again! Sophie responded that she thought of grass while Grace thought of a tree. I think their answers complement one another, as the tree grows on the grass. Point for them!

Next up we have the two guessing a random number, once again they did not pick the exact same number, but two that compliment one another! Sophie said 7 and Grace said 27. Both have the same numbers in them, wow. I give this a solid half-point for the attempt.

Next, they guessed each other’s favorite foods, and wow do they really show their similarity, both said each other was sushi, and they were both correct!!!! +2 for these twinnies. But sadly their next question was …. a failure. When asked what Sophie’s dream vacation was, Grace responded correctly, “Italy”!! Yay, Grace you know Sophie so well hurrah. But the real question is does Sophie know Grace’s dream vacation, sadly she doesn’t. Sophie guessed Sophie’s dream vacation was Italy, but in reality, it was France. Good try Sophie there’s always next time.

 Then they were asked each other’s favorite color, and wow Grace once again smashes a win, for the duo with Sophie dragging behind. Grace correctly guessed Sophie’s Favorite color Pink, Grace!! But Sophie also guessed incorrectly again that Grace’s favorite color is blue, when in reality it’s green. 1 point for these twins.

Their final responses left me slightly confused. Sophie said that both of their favorite pets were Roxy, their dog, but Grace said that hers was a golden retriever and that Sophie was a French bulldog. After further research, Roxy is a French bulldog so for a smashing third time in a row, Grace is in the lead. 

While from the outside these two are the perfect match it seems that Grace Reuben is the real twin of the two, through her success this pair scores an 8/10.

Teagan and Maya O’Leary 

Winning at twinning. The O’Leary’s might be the most telepathic of all. The boy and girl versions of each other are truly intertwined. 

Maya and Teagan are both in touch with nature stating that the green square reminded them of a tree and a leaf. Almost the same thing. However in a massive comeback going 3 for 4 on their telepathic tendencies, they both thought of the number 3, the word banana, and the celebrity Drake. If you did not believe in twin telepathy before, you better believe it now because wow, just wow. Out of any word, number or celebrity, this duo thought of the same exact ones. The only twins in this article that were on the same wavelength. 

Both jumping on the Mexican food train, Maya’s favorite food is Burritos and Teagan’s is Tacos. They were spot on when asked about the other twins favorite foods both guessing each other’s accurately. Born together and best friends forever. 

Their streak had to come to an end at some point. When asked about Maya’s dream vacation Teagan took a shot in the dark and said Italy. Although she said she would prefer a Grecian adventure, the two countries are similar in many ways and are also both peninsulas in Europe. Teagan said he would want to go to Hawaii and Maya guessed it correctly. 

Thinking they were more similar than they are, Teagan said Maya’s favorite color was blue along with it being his favorite color. However, her color of choice is actually purple. Once again, Maya correctly guessed Teagan’s favorite color. It seems that Maya knows more about her brother than he knows about her. Still, they are very connected, both preferring cool colors.  

Ending with a win, Maya and Teagan correctly guessed each other’s dream pet. Maya said that she wants a squirrel monkey and Teagan would want to be the owner of a Penguin. Both very exotic picks. 

Shocking all of us with their telepathy, this dynamic duo is deserving of a 9.5/10 twin rating. Even though Maya seemed to know more about Teagan’s favorites than he knows about hers, they picked relatively similar options making them some of the twinniest of twins. 

Chloe and Suzanna Carlsten


Finally we have ourselves, Suzanna and Chloe. I think that we know each other pretty well, so we believe we have an incredibly high twin rate. 

Both of us, being fantastic green thumbs, thought of trees when seeing the green square. Though, Chloe seems to be more in the Christmas spirit saying it reminded her of a Christmas tree. Maybe twin telepathy is really real!

Chloe then said that my favorite food was “Potato soup, Noglu cream puffs, chicken, and waffles from some random place.” I can attest this is correct, my favorite foods are all of these, but the chicken and waffles is specifically from a restaurant in Asheville NC. I also said that Chloe’s favorite food was Sushi, this was another correct answer. Another point to us!

When asked to think of a random number, Chloe said 17. I am unsure of the significance of the number, other than she was once that age. But when I was charged with coming up with a number, I said 26, like how many seconds we are apart. Chloe has also believed 26 to be her lucky number so the lack of picking of the number was honestly surprising.

Next up is the twos dream trip! Chloe zealously stated she wants to go to the South of France or New Zealand… how creative. I was also similar in that I want to go to France, but if I had to say exactly where in France it would be the south as well. We are just two peas in a pod!

I think the two favorite colors fit us twins perfectly, I said my favorite was purple and Chloe said her was pink. Wow, just like the two barbies from the Diamond Castle movie.  The final question was about our dream pets, Chloe described she wanted a golden retriever, while I said I want a corgi.

Overall I think Chloe and I are best deceived as two puzzle pieces. While we are not the exact same, our favorite things complement one another perfectly. While my rating will be a little biased, I think we should receive a 10/10.

Talking to the other twins of Magnet, only proved to us that twin telepathy is real. Whether identical or fraternal, these dynamic duos proved their knowledge of each other, and while they might not be similar in every way, it is what makes them the iconic pairs that they are. Next time you are looking around the halls for some twins, always remember they really are as cool as you think. Comment below if you think you know someone as well as these twins know each other! 






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