Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Tasty or Nasty? : A Critical Review of Students Lunches

An In-Depth Look at Lunchtime Feasts

A lunch can make or break your day. As students sit down to chow on their personal meals, the cuisine tends to vary. Some prefer the classic PB and J and others go for the leftovers from the night before. This is an in depth review and rating of the individual lunch spreads Raptors are bringing to school every day. While it is impossible to not be subjective, I will attempt to be as fair as possible when rating lunches. 

Cliffie Manuel 4.9/10

Surprisingly, this is one of Cliffie’s better lunches. It includes all important parts of a lunch besides a main dish, knocking it below a 5. She says, “it takes too much time to make a main dish.” The entire container of blueberries is a healthy choice along with the assortment of snacks. Many times, Cliffie will just come to school with an entire bell pepper, no knife, and a container of hummus. As a member of her lunch table, she will sit and knaw on the pepper in an attempt to eat it without cutting it. Other times, she will bring an entire bag of chips and nothing more. I caught Cliffie on a good day as this lunch is much more nutritional than some I have seen in the past. It is deserving of a 4.9. 

Suzanna Carlsten 7.1/10

Suzanna’s gluten friendly lunch includes an avocado lime ranch and ham sandwich, a bag of voodoo chips, an orange, a capri sun, string cheese, and 5 packs of nerds candies. Covering all 5 food groups this lunch has a good enough nutrition level, however, I am afraid there may be too much sugar with all the packages of nerds. Also, the avocado lime ranch on the sandwich grosses me out for some reason, even though I am a ranch lover. Probably because it could make the bread soggy. In all, this is a balanced lunch that will satisfy your hunger any day of the week. 

Jason Gould 8.3/10

Talk about a balanced lunch. Jason’s main dish is a turkey and avocado sandwich which sounds delicious. Accompanying the sandwich, he has a bag of apples, some tortilla chips, goldfish, and a piece of chocolate. Although Jason describes his lunch as “bland”, it includes a variety of options and a well balanced meal. The one downfall is that he said he has the same lunch everyday. As someone who gets tired of eating the same food two days in a row, I do not think I could handle it. But you know what they say, if it is not broken, don’t fix it. This lunch is guaranteed to scratch that hunger itch. 

Maddie O’Connor 9.1/10

This lunch is deserving of some jealousy. For the main dish, Maddie has some fried rice. When I have a meal like fried rice waiting in my lunch for me I am excited for it all day, waiting until I can indulge. Accompanying the fried rice there are some pretzels and a fruit cup. I would say it is a balanced and nutritious meal. My question is whether the fried rice is homemade or from a restaurant. When I asked if I could rate her lunch her friends replied “Do Maddie’s, she always has good lunches”, so this is not just a one time occurrence. However, if she had fried rice, I do not know how it can get much better than that. The only reason it did not receive a 10 is because there is no dessert and everyone loves dessert. 

Katie Sheffield 10/10

Honestly, nothing beats this lunch. Sushi, a balanced break, and a fruit strip. Before you think that the sushi would be gross after sitting in a lunch box all day, it is veggie sushi, so there is no fish in it that could even get gross. The balanced break has a great variety of fruit, nuts, and even a dessert, chocolate. I know I said it can’t get better than fried rice, but it does with sushi. I am slightly biased as sushi is my favorite food, but I think anyone would agree whether they like sushi or not that this is a solid lunch. I would go as far to say the best lunch on this list. 

Street Wilson 8.7/10.

Yet another solid lunch. Street totes a salad, cantaloupe, a juice pouch, a brownie, and some popcorn. Covering all five food groups, the variety of vegetables, carbs and sugar is a perfect balance. Like the sushi and fried rice, I love having salads in my lunch, just a little bit less. It is always a nice change from my usual sandwich. Cantaloupe is also my favorite fruit, so I would say it is a great lunch choice. This table of lunches was top tier with both the sushi, salad, and lunches of other table members. Also, talk about eco friendly. The use of tupperwares adds to the rating of this lunch. This lunch is deserving of an 8.7 with its variety of choices. 

Sutton Meyer 6.1/10

This is a basic but tasty lunch. Sutton has a turkey, lettuce, and cheese sandwich, grapes, and an apple. It is lacking a dessert and some sort of chip option, however, it is very nutritious, and is guaranteed to satisfy your mid-day hunger. The bread of the sandwich elevates the taste rather than just having plain white bread, even though there is nothing wrong with that. Another issue is that if you get hungry before lunch there is not a great snack option that you can eat without eating your main dish or fruit. Overall, I would rate this as a pretty solid lunch if you are looking for a hearty meal. 

The days I did these lunch ratings there were some top tier lunches, so no complaints. While bringing lunch to school is always nice, the school cafeteria also has some great choices. If you are tired of eating the same meal everyday, I hope these ratings provide you with some inspiration for your next in school feast. Comment below what you bring for lunch!

It takes too much time to make a main dish

— Cliffie Manuel

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