Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Taking a Deep Dive into Laptop Stickers

Who has the best sticker display and who is the owner of each?


While some may see the outside of a laptop as just the outside of a laptop, many see it as a blank canvas to express their hopes, dreams, loves, and so much more. It can be a place to show your favorite restaurants and the foods you love to eat or the clothing brands you tend to strut in around school. A computer full of stickers makes it easy to tell whose it is and it can give you a quick glimpse of their personality.  Although I do not have any stickers on my computer now, after seeing all these displays of art I might just have to add some. As you read, guess whose computer is whose based off their stickers and the answers will be at the bottom. 


First up, we have this underwhelming display of sticker art that is far from purr-fect. While the cat with a scarf is adorable, it does not show the personality of the laptop owner. If you asked me to guess whose it was I would never be able to, but I will let y’all try. The answer is at the bottom of the article. However, the placement makes it seem this person is planning on adding more, so maybe one day it will be full of different cats. For these reasons, I unfortunately have to rate it a 2/10. Although this might set your expectations low, we have some amazing works of laptop art to follow. 


Hold onto your socks, this laptop might blow them off. Like I said, there were some amazing sticker set ups on the way. At first glance, someone would say this person has luxury taste in clothing with the Supreme and Aviator Nation stickers. In fact, there is not just one but THREE total Supreme stickers, two of which I have never even seen before. Though these are some top dollar items, there are also a few Brandy Melville stickers and random bug stickers. While it is almost perfect, it could use another sticker above the red supreme sticker, leaving it receiving an 8/10. If thought about well, it is not difficult to guess whose Macbook this is so give it a shot. 


Looking at this computer, it seems like a bright individual that would take ownership. Perhaps they are manifesting their acceptance into these prestigious schools or maybe they are simply displaying their travels. I originally gave this a 6/10 however, when opened, all of the stickers are upside down, so I had to dock a point as this is one of my biggest pet peeves. Sadly, it matters what others see, not yourself. The ying yang, Taylor Swift, and affirmation stickers add some pops of personality, but I would like to see some more. Looking at the locations it is not too difficult to uncover the owner, so guess and then scroll to see if you are right. 


Talk about cool. This laptop is one of my favorites and carries a cool factor that can be hard to achieve. Many of the stickers are real art which makes the layout colorful and adds to the vintage appeal of it. Clearly, this owner is an Arctic Monkeys fanatic with two stickers related to the band on it. Like many others, the computer could use a few more stickers keeping it from achieving a perfect score. This one is easier to guess the owner than some others but some may find it difficult due to the lack of dead giveaway clues that some sticker displays posess. 


Next up, we have another poor attempt at laptop decoration. Unfortunately the placement and isolation of the single sticker landed this a 1/10. The only thing keeping it above 0 was the cuteness of the deer and how festive it is during Christmas time. With some more stickers added to the mix it has the potential to be amazing. Again, if you do not recognize the laptop it is very difficult to guess the owner, but you can try anyways. 


This owner seems to be one with mother nature. The hiking and ski resort stickers reveal the true athlete that decorated the laptop, and the quaint cafe and divine restaurant stickers show their elevated taste. My personal favorite sticker is the Off Track ice cream sticker with the bright colors that add a pop to the layout. There could still be some more TLC put into the spread leaving it at an 8/10. I recommend adding some smallish stickers to the random spaces on the right side and the top. With careful interpretation, it is pretty easy to guess who the sticker artist is. 


We have an outdoorsman on our hands. Looking at this display, I can tell this person loves to explore the Charleston waters and go fishing. The combination of Patagonia, Charleston Angler, Costa, and Yeti practically makes up a Southern Charleston boy. This individual also shows their roots with the Ohio sticker. It could use a few more stickers to fill up the empty spaces, so it only receives a 6/10. However, the personality that shines through makes it one of the easiest to guess the owner. 


This individual is clearly a jack of all trades. With the Jordan’s, softball, beach, and food stickers scattered throughout the laptop, it is easy to tell this person’s activities and favorite things do. If a stranger were to walk by this laptop they would get a quick glimpse at what the owner is like, which I think is an important factor when creating a sticker display. The only reason it received a 5/10 was because the stickers are upside down when the computer is opened. Like I said above this is one of my pet peeves. Aside from that, this is another that is very easy to guess the owner of. 


What a diverse laptop! From an otter wearing a dress to a Tulane sticker, this display has it all. The stickers are so random that it makes this computer have some humor to it. They also clearly have a love for Washington, racking up two stickers from the Evergreen state. My personal favorite sticker is the otter wearing a dress because of its uniqueness.  It could use a few more stickers leaving it with a 7/10, however with some more additions it could be a 10/10. The randomness makes it slightly difficult to guess the owner but with some thought it could be deciphered.


Saving the best for last is the only sticker display that receives a 10/10. It has a perfect mix of art stickers, personality stickers, and just overall cool stickers. The spaces are all filled perfectly with colors that blend well together. It also has some school spirit incorporated with the raptor sticker in the upper right corner. Personally, I appreciate how the logo of the computer is not covered up and the leaves above it are a good central sticker. My favorite sticker is the Monster one on the left because it adds a pop of color that is tied in well with other stickers. This one is not too difficult to guess but it is definitely not a complete dead give away. 


Scroll below to see the owners of these amazing laptops! Comment below how many you guess right!


James Prutting
Bellamy Kline
Holly Manning
Natasha Keisler






Lauren Faust
Cliffie Manuel
Wyatt Mahoney
Elaina Seymour












Wilson Swenson
Ava Maile

These laptop designs are truly astonishing

— Sutton Meyer




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