Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


2023 Dynamic Duos

Who is the Robin to your Batman??

“What’s more dynamic than a duo?”

— Mr. Cosgrove

Wandering the halls of the Bonds-Wilson campus, you are bound to see a pair or two ditching an especially mind numbing lecture, chatting it up with Cosgrove, or, if you’re lucky, on a “hallway walk”. But are these duos just off chance library printing partners, or is there a bond between these class ditchers? Intrigued by the friendships formed by fellow Raptors, we decided to take a look behind the curtain and get a glimpse into the dynamic duos that take residence at Magnet. We would also like to emphasize that in all grades there are many, many more duos/friend groups/best friends that are thriving, but we could only include a few. There are also many twins/siblings/couples that are both dynamic and well known but we wanted to keep this article limited to friendships. Without further ado, here are the dynamic duos that have come to fruition and are thriving, as of September 2023. 


First off we have our senior pairs. They’ve been through thick and thin throughout these four years at Magnet and came out the otherside with a buddy that will last a lifetime. From teammates, to former flames, to just good ol’ best friends, the senior class rings in their last year with some duos for the history books. Read further to get an inside look into the friendships that have been brewing for four years and are stronger than ever.

Embre Slack and Aislynn Piihl

Where there’s Embre, there’s Aislynn! This killer pair is the embodiment of “if you know me, you know her”. They can be seen doing anything and everything together, frequently mobbing around Mount Pleasant. Known for their on point sense of humor and impeccable music taste, this is a two for one you always want around.

Jordan Burrell and Bellamy Kline

These two are just two peas in a pod. We hear that they even went on summer vacation to Yosemite together! When asked to comment, Jordan said “Bellamy is the person I always have fun with!” This dynamic duo is sweeter than sugar.

Chase Novak and Elliot Romero

When you think Chase, you think Elliot. Our student body president says he depends on his best friend Chase for presidential advice and more. As a couple of class clowns, these two make life double the fun!

Lukey Sutherland and Chloe Carlsten

A couple of besties! And, as the great Playboi Carti puts it, “She my best friend yeah we not a couple”. When asked about Chloe, Lukey replied with a not so nice word. However, we all know that he’s just kidding and is very fond of our Chlo! Although Chloe is known in tandem with her twin Suzanna, Lukey plays a close second in the battle for Chloe’s passenger seat. 

Charlie Zaifert and Piper Hudgins

This powerful pair is simply inseparable. Together, these two enjoy watching hours of Game of Thrones, cooking, and late night car rides in the Jeep. From school night sleepovers to matching Vans, this bond has never been stronger.

Jackson Ethredge and James King

Brunette duo alert. These pals can be seen together at Planet Fitness, fishing, or on the field on Friday Nights- watch out 2A football league. What a pair.

Thomas Martin and Beatty Cummings

As seen in this aesthetic candid found deep in the trenches of the AMHS baseball instagram, fall AND spring you can catch this duo on the field together. Whether it’s baseball or football, these two are the ultimate teammates and friends. Gabby says even she feels like the third wheel around them.

Coltrane Margosian and Kabir Zaman

It doesn’t get more dynamic than this! Coltrane and Kabir are truly iconic. Kabir even made this image that represents their friendship and Coltrane states that they “send it to each other to help each other out”. Love to see it! 

Abby Brauchle and Grace Reuben 

Known for balling out on the women’s basketball team, these veteran Raptors have been attached at the hip since freshman year. Abby is basically a triplet at this point! (shoutout Sophie Reuben). 

Addie Hanna and Cliffie Manuel 

We know we’re biased but we also wanted to pay tribute to our four year and frankly inspiring friendship. Different lunch tables, same person. Chef’s kiss. 


As official upperclassmen, these veterans have the responsibility to be inspiring to the newer raptors. While their attendance at home football games is lacking, we were able to come up with some pretty great dynamic duos which has given them some brownie points. Ranging from obvious companions to under the radar besties, the junior class has it all. Keep reading for a deep dive into the best friends of the 11th grade. 

Street Wilson and Chloe Trowman

Couple of blonde besties over here! Though Chloe responded with some choice words when told they were included, Street’s affectionate answer reveals the true love at the foundation of this pair. In a vulnerable confession, Chloe once shared that she might try her hand at lacrosse this spring just “because Street plays”. Don’t they just melt your heart!

Nikos Paraschos and Garrison Gray

Everybody loves some mystery men. This pair was an under the radar discovery, as they are hidden in the sea of junior boys at their lunch table, but they were a firm nomination from some fellow raptors. We hope to see more of this blonde/brunette pair and ask that they step up to the plate after being named in this article. 

Sophia Benich and Lindsey Griffin

Looks like we’ve got another pair of dual sport teammates on our hands. Whether it’s soccer or basketball, these two have got chemistry on and off the field. We would venture to say they are besties for the resties!

Joey Schady and John Thomassen 

Find someone that looks at you the way John looks at Joey. When taking a picture of this pair, we were greeted with some identical pearly whites- looks like their easy going attitudes is a shared trait. They also share the first two letters of their names and we have discovered that the friendship name JoJo could be quite catchy. 

Zoe Hutson and Hanna Ismail

While one is blonde and the other is brunette, we hear that opposites attract- just call them Blair and Serena. This duo holds a special place in our hearts as they share the soccer field with us in the springtime. Their tight bond makes it easy to be fans of this friendship. 

Sawyer Quertermous and Cate Arrants

We weren’t planning on including couples in this article, but these two are just too cute to miss! This pair have been inseparable for over a year now and we think they are just the apple of everyone’s eye. Aww, we want what they have. 


With a year under their belt, these duos have established their reputations of getting along swimmingly. Though there are only a few mentioned, due to the sophomores inability to offer up information, some of the pairs below are simply carrying this article. We sincerely hope that there are many undercover duos that we just couldn’t get our hands on, because if that is not the case, let’s get to building some bonds sophomores. 

Billy Baer and Bennett Bair

This pair is the elephant in the room! You’re probably wondering why it wasn’t first. It’s highly possible you might have finessed a little ‘command F’ to search for these best friends of iconic proportions. These two were on the tip of the tongue of anyone and everyone we asked for nominations. From the same last name to some fun at Credit One, they just do it all by each other’s side. 

Hayden Moody and Rowan Engelke 

ANOTHER duo that carries their chemistry onto the court. One can’t help but wonder if Raptor Athletics is just breeding grounds for solid friendships. Reportedly, “friends since birth” (anonymous source), these two are always together and get along famously. Cuties! 

Charlie Claus and Davis Maiden

This duo is so cool we were too scared to go up and ask for a pic. But they made it easy for us as they are a stellar example of attached at the hip, these second year raptors know what’s up when it comes to finding your best buddy. We’re sure the similarities are endless but they undoubtedly start with the mutual maintaining of some luscious locks and that synced up stride. Now that’s what we call besties!


While the freshmen haven’t had much time to find their perfect match, a couple of duos have already started blossoming. We really appreciate their dedication to finding their people at Magnet and applaud the speed at which they’ve found their bestie. We look forward to getting to know the rest of the freshmen dynamic duos that will undoubtedly form over the course of the year. Get to reading to discover some household names among the new group of baby Raptors. 

Willy Wilson and Connell Grubb

These buddies have a bit of a head start, as they navigated the halls of Charleston Day together (shout out fellow former Scorpions- Cliffie). The ace up their sleeve is that they are related to some other iconic pals, Street Wilson (11) and former Raptor turned Porter Gaud-er, Mac Grubb. Safe to say the Wilson/Grubb bond is written in the stars for these budding freshmen, let’s just hope Connell stays for all 4 years. 

Maisy Jarrett and Sophia Skaff

It doesn’t get much cuter than this. A bond that formed this quickly must be fate. The mini versions of their sisters, Sacha Skaff (11) and Alaina Jarrett (11) are always together and it’s just darling to see. 

Griggs Scott and Charlie 

When asking around for some freshmen duos that might be forming, the easy answer for fellow freshmen was Griggs and Charlie. While they previously remained under the radar to most of us upperclassmen as we are only a few weeks into school, it’s safe to say these two get along like a house on fire. We look forward to watching this duo blossom in front of our eyes! 


Oh how we love a good pair of teacher best friends. There’s just something about knowing your teachers hang out outside of school that warms the heart.  While there are many tight bonds throughout the faculty, these are the couples that really stood out to us: 

Mr. Rush and Mr. Stackhouse

When brainstorming teacher duos, these two faculty members are the obvious choice. Simply iconic. Their unbreakable bond precedes them and they were the go to nomination by a landslide. They even teach the same subjects! A hallway conversation with Mr Rush is all Mr Stackhouse needs to elevate his day at work, and it doesn’t hurt that their classrooms are only a door away. 

Mr. McCormick and Mrs. Lankford 

While Rush and Stackhouse is the obvious (yet timeless) choice, this next duo is an underground treasure. From frolicking around Greece to morning trips to the gym, this friendship thrives both at home and abroad. These travel loving educators are a true sweet spot in the world of teacher friendships. 

Dr. Altman and Mr. Jent

Oh mon dieu, this pair is just magnifique. Although Mr. Jent has been known to toss up a friendly joke or two about Dr. Altman, these two are a match made in Paris. Their love of French and affection for each other is one and the same and radiates in their classrooms. They are simply the best!

Mrs. Renes and Ms. Vann

Last, but certainly not least. Although we were initially opposed to the inclusion of biological bonds, these blonde sisters are everyone’s favorites. When Ms. Vann took Magnet by storm last year, it took all of two seconds to see the resemblance. These sassy siblings took Greece in stride last spring break, spent their summer together by the pool, and now are running National Honor Society as a team. Boy do they give us hope for our future with our sisters. 

We hope you enjoyed the deep dive into the pairs that make Magnet, Magnet.  Thanks for the read!

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