Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Things I’ve Photoshopped

Here’s a compilation of photos I’ve edited or collages I’ve made and why.

Here are some edited or collaged images I’ve created and a little backstory on them. Some of the images featured are ones I’ve made for the Talon, but I’ll add the context for those.


“Some students as fellow worms surrounding Heidi Klum as a worm on Halloween”

This image is from Milla and I’s “Heidi Halloween” article. We thought her worm costume was one of her most creative and immediately knew we needed to make it our cover, but had to find a way to incorporate students into our featured photo because Ms. Hurt prefers that we have students included. So, we went into the hallway and just took photos of ourselves lying on the benches. Then, we matched them up to Heidi’s worm costume like a puzzle. 


“Students heads photoshopped onto the bodies of Mean Girls characters performing Jingle Bell Rock”

This is another image from a Talon article. Honestly, I could not tell you the name, but I know it was for Alexa, Wilson, and Milla’s article on Christmas music. They had ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ in their article and wanted to include this iconic Mean Girl’s performance. Since there were only three of them and I was the one making the photo, I obviously incorporated myself into the image. I think we look fabulous.


“Students heads photoshopped onto the bodies of AMHS cheerleaders”

This one is honestly one of my all-time favorites, and I think it’s some of my best work. I created this for the varsity women’s basketball senior night. If you’re on the team or attend the games, you’ve probably noticed that Sophie Reuben and I attend almost every Friday night game, so for the senior night, we wanted to go all out with our sign. As Abby Brauchle and Grace Reuben’s biggest cheerleaders, Wilson, Caroline, Sophie, and I were trying to think what we could add to our posters, then the idea of photoshopping our heads onto the bodies of AMHS cheerleaders popped into my head. 




Here’s a photo of the whole poster we made.






“Lawton Harper as The Thinker”


This is from freshman year during our Principles of Engineering class. Thomas Lawton Harper III was randomly posed like this in class, and it reminded me of the ‘The Thinker’ statue, so I made this collage to show a side-by-side comparison. If you were in our class, you would know he often was never in his seat and was always standing or balancing on top of something.

I guess I am the thinker, some say I have superb intelligence.

— Lawton Harper







Nobody says that…





“Emma Herrin ice skating”

I have nothing much to really say about this one except that Emma Herrin expressed that she can’t skate, so I put her head on the body of an ice skater to be able to visualize what it would look like since she refuses to go ice skating. Shoutout to Milla Broadwater for providing the photo of Emma.


“Maris Jones as Sadness from Inside Out”

Apologies to Maris Jones in advance. The original photo is of Maris after Halloween. To provide context for the face tats, she was dressed up as Pete Davidson in his iconic SNL skit with Timothee Chalamet. The blue hair and facial expression really made me think of Sadness from the Inside Out movie, so I decided to bring my vision to life.


“Emma Herrin as Mrs. Claus”

I would say this is my second favorite of this article. When the women’s basketball team photos came out, I don’t know why, but Emma’s photo immediately made me think of Mrs. Claus. Maybe it was something about the way the photo had a white cast over it or Emma’s kind and grandmotherly demeanor, but once again, I needed to bring my vision to life so other people could see the resemblance too. If they were to start remaking the Santa Claus movies, I would recommend Emma for the role of Mrs. Claus. 


“Lawton Harper and Grace Gast, long lost siblings?”


Here is Lawton dressed up for one of the past spirit weeks that I found in the depths of my photos. He and former sailing team member, Grace Gast, were often mistaken as siblings, so it was brought to my attention that this specific outfit Lawton was wearing made him look like Grace during one of their sailing practices. Honestly, I see it too. If I didn’t know any better, I would think they were related too.


“Campbell ‘Camel’ Lesher”

Another apology for Campbell Lesher. This was created in our freshman year when people would often call him ‘Camel’ as a joke. I think it’s actually my contact photo for him on my phone. Enough said, really.


“Caroline Uram cosplays as Pinkalicious”

Unfortunately, I was not at the first spirit week of this year, when the theme for the seniors was Barbie vs. Oppenheimer. However, I was sent this photo of Caroline Uram at the pep rally and immediately was reminded of the Pinkalicious books. Her outfit and the crown really brought it all together. She’s just missing the fairy wings.

I was Barbie!

— Caroline Uram







“Andre 3000 or Stingy?”

This one was alumni Jacob Burke’s outfit for one of the spirit weeks last year when their senior spinoff was rappers. At first glance, it made me think of Stingy from the show Lazytown, but after bringing this up, Jacob informed me that he was actually dressed up as Andre 3000. Can you blame me though? The resemblance to Stingy is pretty spot on.


Overall, I honestly just had too much time on my hands when I was creating these images. They were all really fun to create, though. I hope you found at least a little enjoyment in seeing them.

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