Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


What do your teachers think about the school year?

Learn about some of the teachers and what they look forward to for the year!!!
What do your teachers think about the school year?

Every year the teachers and students have expectations for the upcoming year. Throughout the various departments, there is tension between which department is the best and which teachers will have the best year. Through using our journalistic abilities we asked a plethora of teachers, in various departments, their thoughts on this upcoming year. 

Ms. Renes

First up is Ms. Renes!!

Ms. Renes is a staple at Magnet known for her math teaching abilities as well as leading her research class to success. As the year begins she teaches freshmen, juniors, and seniors, seeing the variety of learning and studying styles. She acknowledges that the seniors and juniors have a better handle on the school work than the underclassmen, but appreciates all students who go above and beyond and understand that teachers make mistakes. As the year continues there are a variety of events and functions that both students and teachers look forward to. One function that Ms. Renes can not wait to experience is the Senior Trip! As school is winding down, she believes it is a good way for the seniors to get to know each other before they graduate. As Ms. Renes says “Class of 2024, Say No More. I think they have got this.” Thanks to Ms. Renes for her faith in the Senior Class as she wishes good for our grade.



Next up is the excitement-filled math teacher … Ms. Yackey!! As the year is just beginning she can not wait to get to know more students and get into a consistent schedule, considering we have had multiple short weeks already! As she gets to know the students she hopes they are filled with humor and excitement, but also try their hardest and do their homework (which all students know is a difficult task). Try to remember as you progress through math class that “Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it”. We all know Ms.Yackey loves teaching at Magnet, and we learned that this year is better than the past years especially with Spirit Week coming up in a month!

Mr. McCormick 

Mr. McCormick is known for teaching biology to the freshmen, making seniors memorize every part of the body in anatomy, and teaching a lab-filled environmental class. With the year finally getting into the swing of things Mr. McCormick does not want another closure for a different hurricane and no winter weather delays. He hopes to keep his class schedules on track and hopes his students stay organized, self-driven, and awake. While Mr. McCormick is hoping for students to stay awake in his class. He is also excited about the freshman Keys trip and Fall Rally with Key Club! (Everyone should go on this trip to Carowinds, just ask Mr. McCormick about it). For advice to all students as Mr. McCormick’s buzzer says “YOU CAN DO IT!”


Ms. Roop is pumped for the start of the year and is looking forward to having a great time in class. She loves it when the kids enjoy learning in the lab and put their best foot forward in class! While we all started school on August 23, Ms. Roop was in Ohio… Why was she in Ohio you may ask? Because she was dropping her daughter, Sarah, off at Ohio University! As exciting as that is, we know that she missed everyone at school and was ready to come home and start the ye

ar, right when the hurricane hit! As the year progresses Ms. Roop’s excitement about school events increases but so does the joy of doing science labs! She cannot wait to be in the lab working with the students on various projects.

Dr. Francis

Last but not least is Professor Francis! Known for teaching Spanish 2 and 4 in a fun and stress-free environment. As the year progresses he expects excellence from his students, ensuring they are engaged and prepared to navigate his Spanish classes. He loves it when students are positive and increases the spirit in the classroom, making them enjoyable to have in class. Professor Francis teaches all four grades, meaning he is very involved in school events. He loves them all but especially freshmen carnival, prom, and the various sports games. While he didn’t dress for the theme last year, he hopes to match the theme this year. As Professor Francis and the Lego Movie characters say “everything is awesome when you’re part of a team” and good luck to all the students this year.

Dr. Lupo

Dr. Lupo, Spanish teacher extraordinaire and “senior person” as she calls herself,  is ready to expect the unexpected this year. From the COVID-19 resurgence to the start of the year hurricane, she knows that anything can happen. Because Dr. Lupo has taught at other schools and universities, other than Magnet she appreciates the motivation students have. Whether the motivation is intrinsic or extrinsic, it’s so important that Magnet students want to work and do well. Because Magnet is such a serious campus, Dr. Lupo loves it when students can have fun on campus. She loves Spirit Week for this reason! The energy and fun that the students have improved her week tremendously. Anyone who has talked to Dr. Lupo for more than 5 minutes knows that she loves her job and loves what she does. She wants all students, especially seniors, to love their time at Magnet and “enjoy the ride,” because it will come to an end all too soon.

Mr. Garris 

Mr. Garris is known for many things, including his maps on his boards, knowing an extensive amount about history, and helping his research students be proud of their projects. As the year begins he is excited about his research class, because he taught many of these students in the years prior and wants to take advantage of the relationships they’ve formed and put all their hard work together. He appreciates students’ boundless curiosity but mainly loves our school’s communal kindness. Magnet is a special culture of caring and looking out for each other, which many places don’t have and he is very grateful for that. 2023 is Mr. Garris’ fifth year at Magnet and he feels that it is the most normal year yet. In his first year, he was hired a week into school, and then COVID-19 hit for the next two years, and the year after was the return from COVID times. He is glad that this year is the most normal and can’t wait to see what it holds. As the year progresses Mr. Garris is looking forward to Wall Day. He loves seeing the differing creative approaches, and fondly remembers his first Wall Day when the seniors did Ancient Egypt. Class of 2024, you have something to live up to. Mr. Garris says “bon voyage” to the students and wishes the best of luck to everyone.

All of our wonderful teachers are so excited for this year and I hope all the Raptors are too!

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