Breakfast of Champions

An in-depth review of Belvita Breakfast Biscuits


For the everyday procrastinator, waking up in the mornings is a challenge and oftentimes eating a well-balanced breakfast is not an option. Good thing there is Belvita, a great breakfast option that provides 4 hours of energy and can be thrown in your backpack to eat on the way to school. As Belvita enthusiasts, Carolyn and I can often be seen in the mornings eating a Belvita bar, oftentimes the Cranberry Orange flavor. So, we have taken the responsibility to inform the people of Academic Magnet that Belvita is the best on-the-go breakfast food and to create a ranking list of the best Belvita flavors so that you know which one to buy on your grocery store haul. There are six flavors; toasted coconut, cranberry orange, golden oat, cinnamon brown sugar, chocolate, and blueberry, with two seasonal flavors; pumpkin spice during the fall and gingerbread during the winter. Carolyn and I will be giving our opinions on each one in order to determine the age-old question; which Belvita flavor is the best?


Molly: In my opinion blueberry is the middle ground for all Belvita flavors; it’s not the worst and it is not the best. When I first opened up the packet the first thing I noticed was the smell. It had a very strong artificial blueberry scent, which I actually liked. Although, I was a little worried that the blueberry flavoring would be overly sweet and overbearing. I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted it. The taste was nowhere near as strong as the scent, which I preferred, although it was quite sweet which I personally don’t like in the mornings. It also tasted a lot like blueberry little bites, so if you are a fan of those I would recommend buying the blueberry flavor. Overall I would rate the blueberry flavor a 4/5. I would buy it if Cranberry Orange is out of stock and am looking for another sweet fruity flavor to enjoy in the morning. 

Carolyn: The smell of these biscuits is delicious, but unfortunately the taste is lacking. If I was blindfolded, I’m not sure if I would have picked up on the blueberry flavor. However, it does taste pretty good. It’s more on the sweeter end, maybe like a sweeter golden oat. I wish there were more dried blueberries. However, this flavor is a great way to start your day. Overall, I would give this a 3.5/5, not my favorite, but still good.

Pumpkin Spice

Molly: Pumpkin Spice is definitely my second favorite Belvita flavor and it is a shame that it is only a seasonal flavor. During fall I would eat it every school morning to get me into the fall vibes. It is not overly sweet and is a way better version of the cinnamon brown sugar Belvita flavor. Unfortunately, since it is a seasonal flavor they were not selling them in stores anymore so we did not get to taste the pumpkin spice flavor compared to all the others but from my memory, I would rate the pumpkin spice flavor a 4.5/5. 

Carolyn: The pumpkin spice flavor is fantastic. Unfortunately, it is only a seasonal flavor, so we cannot enjoy it year-round. I also wish there was more ginger, but that is a personal preference. Overall a fantastic flavor and I can’t wait to enjoy it next year.  Overall, I would give it a 4/5.


Molly: I had high hopes for the chocolate flavor yet alas, it disappointed me. It smelled good, like brownie batter, so I was quite excited that it was going to have a relatively strong chocolate flavor but was worried that the chocolate flavor would be overly sweet and taste like a dessert. It was nice that it did not taste overly sweet, but at the same time it did not really taste like anything, which was rather disappointing. It seemed as if the Belvita makers were so concerned about it being sweet that they just removed any flavor from it. It was also really dry which made me dislike it more. Although the more I ate, I got used to the flavor and liked it better. It is not horrible but it is also not that great so I would give it a 3/5. 

Carolyn: My initial thoughts were that it smells like a healthy oreo. When I bit into it, for the first half second there was a chocolate flavor, but after that, it literally tastes like nothing. Like [REDACTED]. Nonexistent. I can see why people enjoy it, and it would be good as a vehicle for a sweet dip, but by itself, it’s quite bland. It also gave me cottonmouth which was not appreciated at 8:30 in the morning. Overall, I’d give it a 2/5.

Cinnamon Brown Sugar

Molly: I strongly disliked this flavor. The second-worst Belvita flavor in my opinion. I also had high hopes for this flavor. It was sold out as Harris Teeter meaning the people must love it. I also assumed that it would be the year-round version of the pumpkin spice flavor and have a nice fall feel. I was very very wrong. While it smelled really good, the taste was not the best. The brown sugar flavor was way too strong and it also tastes strongly of maple syrup. A very important factor when judging the Belvita flavors is if I could picture myself eating them in the mornings, and the cinnamon brown sugar flavor really failed this test. It is way too sweet for the mornings. I would agree with Carolyn and give this flavor a 2/5.

Carolyn: I really did not enjoy this Belvita. The smell is too much like brown sugar and not cinnamon. I was hoping the cinnamon would come through when I tasted it, but it tasted even worse. It was like someone had poured molasses down my throat. The flavor was so sweet, it completely overpowered any idea of cinnamon also being a component. I cannot give this any more than 2/5 Michelin Stars.

Golden Oat

Molly: This is the worst Belvita flavor. It’s boring, smells like nothing, plain looking, an immediate pass. There is not really much to say about the golden oat flavor because it gives nothing and tastes like cardboard. On top of that, it is also really dry. I think Katherine Nguyen describes it best, “it tastes like your horrible aunt came over for Thanksgiving and brought a really dry turkey.” I rate the golden oats flavor a 1/5.  

It tastes like your horrible aunt came over for Thanksgiving and brought a really dry turkey.

— Katherine Nguyen

Carolyn: I hate this flavor. Every time my dad comes home with the mega pack of this flavor I fear for my future breakfasts. It has a very faint quaker oats scent. When I bite into it, it is kind of like prison food. This fuels my morning blues. I cannot even fathom giving this more than a 1/5.

Cranberry Orange

Molly: Cranberry Orange is by far the best Belvita flavor. I love orange flavors and so this was the perfect breakfast favor for me. It smells really good and has a strong but not too strong smell of citrus which makes it more appetizing. Also, it’s the perfect fruit combination as the cranberries and oranges are not too sweet but more acidic. The best part of the Cranberry Orange flavor is that it has dried orange clumps so when you take a bite it is a burst of orange flavor. Cranberry orange is a perfect year-round flavor but is especially good during winter as the fruit combination is very Christmas vibe. I eat this flavor every day in the school morning and it never disappoints so I give it a 5/5.

Carolyn: Amazing. Wonderful. Beautiful. Loving. Sweet. Tart. Cranberry. Orange. I love. This is THE best Belvita flavor and you can rip it from my cold, dead hands. Actually, bury me with a box. This flavor has the best Christmas vibe but a fabulous year-round flavor. The dried oranges are the absolute best, and the tartness of the cranberries creates a beautiful medley of flavor on my tongue. The smell is amazing and I want it in a candle. I highly, highly recommend this flavor to anyone who hasn’t tried it. Overall, I give this flavor a whopping 6/5. It just can’t be beaten.

Toasted Coconut

Molly: I was originally a hater of the toasted coconut flavor as I am not a big fan of coconut flavors. It smelled really strongly of artificial coconut and the smell reminded me of the Samoas Girl Scout Cookies, which I did not find appetizing in the morning. When I first ate it, I really disliked it. The texture was weird compared to the other flavors and also it tasted strangely watered down. Although, I think I was letting my bias of disliking coconut flavors contort my views of this flavor. As I ate it more I hated it less, and the toasted coconut flavor became more charming. I enjoyed that it was not that sweet and the toasted flavor was very nice. Yet, this is still not my first choice for a Belvita flavor, and I prefer some of the other flavors over this one. Overall I would rate this flavor a 3.5/5 and if you like coconut you will most likely enjoy this flavor. 

Carolyn: I’m going to be honest, I really don’t like coconut. I don’t know why, it just is. I tried going in with an open mind and I was a bit surprised that I didn’t entirely hate it. When I opened the package, a VERY strong coconut scent wafted out, which left me nervous. But, when I bit in, there was a much less pronounced flavor that made me feel like I was on a tropical island. However, because of the obvious coconut flavor (I know it’s supposed to taste like it, I just am not a fan), I really cannot give this more than 2.5/5 stars. That is my personal preference, but if you like coconut this would be the perfect flavor for you. 

Carolyn and Molly ready to devour Belvitas

Carolyn and I are very big fans of Belvita and this is in no way hating on the company, it is more of a critique of the different flavors so they can improve them. My (Molly) official order of the Belvita flavors from favorite to least favorite is cranberry orange, pumpkin spice, blueberry, toasted coconut, chocolate, cinnamon brown sugar, and finally golden oat. Carolyn’s official order from favorite to least favorite is cranberry orange, pumpkin spice, blueberry, chocolate, toasted coconut, cinnamon brown sugar, and then golden oat. Carolyn and I seem to have pretty similar tastes in Belvita flavors despite my surprised liking of the toasted coconut flavor. If you are also a Belvita enthusiast fill out the poll to make your favorite Belvita flavor known as we will be sending this article to Belvita headquarters (this article is unfortunately not sponsored). I hope you enjoyed this article and feel inspired to start eating Belvita.

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