Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Each year, everyone anticipates the arrival of Halloween decor, costumes in party stores, and temperatures under 80 degrees. However, nothing compares to the excitement and feelings of fall caused by the arrival of pumpkin foods. This year, I have already seen a plethora of pumpkin treats filling grocery stores in preparation for the autumn-girl madness. I think it is time we settle the debate of which of these items are truly the best or are plainly overrated. 

Let’s start with a classic that should be incorporated into everyone’s fall dessert charcuterie board: the Krusteaz pumpkin bread mix. Although I hardly ever recommend baking from a boxed mix over homemade, this pumpkin bread mix is impeccable. It is so flavorful and not the slightest bit dry, making it a perfect dessert, snack, or breakfast treat. The outside is crispy while the inside is fluffy, creating the ultimate sensation with each bite. However, be sure not to get an end piece because those tend to be drier and less flavorful, causing your pumpkin bread experience to be underwhelming and inferior. I was first introduced to this mix in middle school when someone in my class brought it in annually for his birthday, and I don’t know how I ever lived without it. 

Next on the list are the pumpkin spice Oreo’s. Even though these cookies may not sound terrible, I would personally never recommend these to anyone unless they were on their deathbed from starvation with absolutely nothing else to resort to. These cookies were horrific and that is all. 

Next up is the Starbucks pumpkin cream cold brew. I am not a coffee person, but if I was, I would definitely be interested in trying this drink since many of their non-coffee autumn drinks are so unbeatable. However, after hearing Mary Blake Hand’s review, I’m not so sure that will be staying at the top of my “try when I someday learn to like coffee” list. Mary Blake reports that “the pumpkin cream cold brew is bitter and overhyped. If they were going to make a whole drink centered around the supposed ‘pumpkin cream cold foam,’ then it needs to be a little more flavorful. The pumpkin flavor just isn’t doing it for me, which is a shame because I love pumpkin.” I have to agree and say that this is quite shameful from a world-famous coffee enterprise that has had over 50 years to perfect their caffeinated concoctions. On the contrary, Laura Robertson optimistically contests Mary Blake’s critical stance by saying that the Starbucks cold brew is “everything [she] could have hoped for in a pumpkin drink, and it is simply the perfect combination.” I guess you will never know until you taste it yourself!

Up next are the fairly new and quite questionable pumpkin spice Milano cookies. Original Milano cookies are and always will be to die for, but the company’s addition of the pumpkin spice flavor seems to have gone in an unexpected direction. Kate Gieg states that these cookies seem like they are “forcing the pumpkin flavor when they are really good without it because not everything has to be fall-themed,” with Lily Hutson in agreement. I also believe that some things are meant to remain in their original non-seasonal flavors as well, despite the festive holiday packaging and best efforts of the company.

Time to discuss opinions of the pumpkin chocolate chip cookie at Crumbl. Crumbl seems to be largely controversial on its own, as many report the cookies as being dry, overrated, or ordinary. While I agree with these opinions on only a select few cookies, the pumpkin cookie with cream cheese frosting was one of a kind and truly impressed my taste buds. This cookie resembled the consistency of a muffin, as it was very soft and flavorful. Even though this cookie has already been in the Crumbl lineup for this fall, I would highly recommend paying the $5 to try this flavor next year or whenever it is available once again. 

Last but definitely not least are the classic Krispy Kreme pumpkin spice cake donuts. Although I am an extremely biased critiquer when reviewing any type of donut, this flavor will forever exceed my expectations for what a pumpkin donut should taste like. The Krispy Kreme chocolate and sour cream cake donuts are simply heavenly, and creating a pumpkin version of this treat only boosts my love for Krispy Kreme and the season of fall as a whole.

Now I leave it up to you to determine whether or not you agree with the reviews and critiques of various pumpkin products featured throughout this article! Enjoy and happy shopping raptors!