Class of 2015 Theses!


Ms McIntyre (advisor), Roger Newman (third party), Lilly Schweickhardt (presenter) and Jermel President (mentor)

The Senior Thesis is the capstone of the Academic Magnet High School experience.  Congratulations to the Class of 2015 for your accomplishments.  Each senior is listed with the title of his or her thesis.

Adam Ackerman: Effects and Methods of Control For A Rising Feral Pig Population In Charleston, South Carolina

Chandler Anderson: The Effects of Cell Quantity on the Function of Three Dimensional Scaffold-Free Cardiac Spheroids

Leo Awgulewitsch: Learned Helplessness and its Link to Depression

Eric Bailey: A Meta-Analytical Study on the Correlation Between Adoption and Self-Esteem

Adelaide Basco: The New Superhero: Redesigning Female Superhero Costumes in Order to Subvert Traditional Sexual Standards and Make Them More Relatable to Female Readers

Austin Bauder: Creating Software to Aid With the Matching of Academic Magnet High School Juniors and Advisors for their Thesis

Jessica Baynes: The Effect of Integration of Women Into The Green Beret On Unit Cohesion and Morale

Lucas Beall: Effect of Juice Plus+ on the Performance of Competitive Swimmers

Ella Berger: Commercialization of Yoga

Ryan Berlinsky: FDR, Obama, and Public Works Systems in the South

Zach Bodek: The Influence of Gender and Sport on the Major Selection of College Student-Athletes

Matthew Borland: Is Chinese Influence Rising in Africa?

Rebecca Bosch: Increasing the Rate of Acupuncture Treatment in Charleston, South Carolina

Annika Bovender: Classification of Music through Music Genres and the Examination of Implementing Three Genres into One Composition

Gwyneth Bradley: The Durability of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation: A Study of Post Operative Patient Controlled Analgesic Usage

Andrew Bruce: Influence of Education and Knowledge on Public Perception of and Support for Future Space Exploration

Sydney Burkhardt: Choreographing the Seven Deadly Sins

Allyson Bush: Links Between Mood Disorders and Creative Thinking

Chaz Cain: Similarities Between On-Water Rowing and Erging

Matt Calonius: Mood and Music

Chris Camp: Default Mode Network of the Brain and Relation to Creativity

Evan Camp: People’s Ability to Experience Tension/Release and Arrival Points in Western Tonal Music

Alexa Chavin: Differentiation of Oral Language Instruction in Early Childhood Classrooms

Colleen Christensen: Achievement of BMI-Specific Recommended Weight Gain in Twin Pregnancy: Effects on Gestational Age and Birth Weight

Alexis Cocolas: The Psychological Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Adolescents

Emma Coen: A Study To Examine Effective Methods of Raising Awareness And Fundraising For Spinal Muscular Atrophy Through Conducting a 5 Kilometer Run in Charleston, South Carolina

Timothy Corder: Creating a Guidebook for the USS Laffey

Jack Delanty: The Effects of Spinal Manipulation Therapy on the Prevention of Sports-related Injuries in High School Athletes

Megan Delorenzo: Impediments to Pet Spay/Neuter Programs and Potential Methods of Improving Success

Amanda Devapiriam: Design of a New Test to Measure Ability of NFL Helmets to Reduce Concussions and Calculate Concussion Risk of Helmets

Harrison Diesl: Effects of Contemporary Children’s Television on the Influence of Abnormally Negative Behavior in American Children Between The Ages of 5 and 8

Jessica Dooley: Impact of Adolescent Sports Participation on Anxiety Levels

Helen Dubois: Synthesis and Evaluation of New Antitumor Agents

Carly Duffy: Snacking Patterns and Obesity in Adolescents

Nicholas Egan: Transportation of Natural Gas and Electricity

Anneliese Esch: Artistic Insurrection: Techniques and Methods Used to Enhance The Overall Effectiveness of Activist Street Art

Caitlyn Fairey: Testing the Accuracy of the Jackson et al. (1990) Equation For Individuals of African American Ethnicity: A Pilot Study

Nancey Fang: Sexism and Gender Portrayal in Video Games

Henry Flowers: The Exploration of the Effects of South Carolina’s Counties’ Economic Status on SAT Scores Within the Same County

Connor Frailey: The Effect of Knowledge About Nuclear Reactors on Perceived Safety of Nuclear Power Plants

Colton Frankel: Stock Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms

Eleni Gaspar: How the Brain of a Synesthete is Similar and Can Relate to the Brain of Someone with Autism

Margaret Gibson: Posstraumatic Stress Disorder Following Combat and Military Sexual Trauma: Symptom Presentation and Treatment Outcomes

Chandler Gravely: Creating an In-School News Broadcast for Academic Magnet High School

Julia Groff: Supporting the Adoption Process: Providing Information on Key Factors of Open Adoptions

Danielle Grosse: The Effects of a Consistent Meditation Practice on White Matter Tractography in the Brain

Helena Guo: Tetrahydrobiopertin as a Proton Donor in the Synthesis of Nitric Oxide

Leotie Hakkila: The Method of Habitat Selection of the Leucauge venusta

Riley Haldrup: The Influence of Colors and Logos as a Marketing Tactic

Trace Hall: Design, Synthesis and Applicability of a Novel Batwing Ligand for Use in the Control of Stereochemistry

Simeon Hallman: Evaluation of Watermelon Plant Introductions (PI) In the Core Collection For Tolerance to Saline Water

Evan Haynes: Development of a Powder-Based Inkjet 3D Printer

Ashley Heywood: Effectiveness of Fair Trade Apparel Advertisements Based on Existing Trends in Fair Trade Chocolate and Coffee Advertisements

Noah Hollister: Designing and Building An Effective Robot

Jasmine Hubara: Creating Programs to Prevent Pragmatic Failures

Audrey Hughes: Analyzing the Physiological Changes of the Fight, Flight or Freeze Response

Justin Hull: A Case Study on the Influence of Religiosity on Death Anxiety

Madison Jenkins: A Study of the Trends of Environmental Forces Activating Juvenile Dermatomyositis in Patients Within the North American Region of the United States

Katie Kassouf: Cost Efficiency of the Market Street Drainage Improvements Project

Melissa Knapp: Comparative Study Between Women’s Suffrage Literature and the Works of Kate Chopin and E.D.E.N. Southworth

Samantha Kramer: Studying the Correlation Between Introvert Versus Extrovert Personality and Compression of Spanish and French as Second Language to English Speaking High School Students in Charleston County

Elliot Kronsberg: Production of an Independent, Digital Short Film Concerning the Exploration of the Various Roles in a Person’s Life

Jack Kulp – Analysis of the Effects of Racing Video Games on Cognitive Skills

Alexa Lane: The Effects of Family Structure and Parenting Styles on the Academic Achievement of Eighth Graders In the Charleston County School District Area

Nick Langdale: Peer Influence on Adolescent Bicycle Helmet Usage Across the Socioeconomic Statuses

Samantha Lavelle: Hero’s Journey in American Film: How the Hero Presents American Values to the World

Anna Lawing: Analysis of Music as a Medium For Social Reform During the Counter Cultural Movement

Teddy Lentz: Construction of a Skateboard Deck From Recycled Carbon Fiber

Grace Lesesne: Campaign Finance Reform and Its Effect On Partisan Polarization in the US Senate

Choral Linhart: Analysis of Court Cases Pertaining to Title IX in the Eastern United States

Christian Long: Disproportionate Police Use of Force

Steven Lu: Effect of a System with No Specific Interaction on the Rate of the Kemp Elimination and Comparison to a Computationally-Designed Enzyme

Marissa Luckie: The Effects of Developmental Bibliotherapy on Gifted and Talented Children

Will Luttrell: Video Game Development Process and Implementation

Buckley McCall: The Effects of Astaxanthin on Cardiovascular Disease

Maggie McConnell: A Study on Potential Links Between Binge-Like Ethanol Exposure in Adolescent Rats and Decision Making in Adulthood

Kilbey McCormick: Use of Ruthenium and Rhodium Based Catalysts in Hydroformylation Reactions: Characterization & Optimization

Madison McDougall: Prevention of Alcohol Abuse Involving Adolescents Between the Ages of Fifteen and Twenty One in the Charleston County School District

Holland McDowell: Dance Therapy For Children With Down Syndrome

Jawaun McKelvey: Raspberry Pi Based Video Entertainment System

Myles McKenna: Harnessing Wind Energy From Vehicular Drafting

Kyle McRae: Analyzing The Blue Crab Industry In Hobcaw Creek

Devin McSween: Lessening False Memory By Implementing Priming Techniques Using the Deese-Roediger-McDermott Paradigm

David Miller: Skill Required to Become a Successful Stand Up Comedian

Emma Miller: Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation Into Visceral Endoderm and the Organogenesis of the Pancreas and Liver

Josh Mitchell: Battle of Kings Mountain: Debunking Myths About the Battle

Vaibhav Mohanty: Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Produce Morphological Aberrations in Early Chicken Development

Reece Moore: Analysis of Ebola Virus Disease Control and Prevention Plans

Bailey Murray: Effect of Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Modified Processed Food Products on Consumer Purchases in the United States

Daniel Nelson: Conducting a Survey That Analyzes Athlete Awareness Of Concussions in High School Athletics

Eva Newman: Developing an Intervention Protocol to Follow After Knowledge of Malnutrition in Community Dwelling Elderly Adults

Sloan Nietert: Development and Implementation of an Exercise Prescription Protocol for Stage IV and V Lung Cancer Patients at MUSC

Zoe Norris: Designing a Memorization Technique Based on Mnemonics Practiced by Grapheme-Color Synesthetes

Nick Nybo: Updating Legislature Regulating Pharmaceutical Direct To Consumer Marketing

Caleb Ouellette: MTV and Film Aesthetics

Zach Parker: Synthesis of Anterior Cruciate Ligament [ACL] Injury Prevention Programs [IPPs] for Implementation In a High School Athletic Regimen

Vendi Pavic:  Writing  a Young Adult Fantasy Novel

Trey Perry: Studying How Chance in American Economy Leads to Greater Automobile Choice

Selina Pi: Effects of a Comprehensive Dietary Program On Perceived Health

Sara Pilling: Studying the Role of Culture in Childhood Obesity

Mason Proctor: Reaching Adolescents Through Social Media News Broadcasting

Charles Rainero: Practicality of Electromagnetic Snowboard Bindings

Maya Rawls: Marine Biology and Conservation: Alternative Teaching Techniques for Elementary School Students

Zach Reineke: Civil Engineering: Infastructure Concrete Analysis

Coleman Richards: Analyzing Board Game Design Processes

Cassidy Rindge: Incorporating Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence into a Sunday School Classroom

Daniel Roa: Self Study of Coming Out Represented Thematically Through Photography

Noelle Rondeau: Interaction Between Genes Regulating Circatidal and Circadian Rhythms in the Starlet Sea Anemone, Nematostella Vectensis

Tedra Roper: Examining the Effectiveness of an Intervention Designed to Decrease the Stigma Associated with Treatment Seeking by Suicidal Adolescents and to Raise Suicide Prevention Awareness

Alex Rovner: Evaluationg Pre-Operative  Causes of Chronic Pancreatitis with Pancreatic Islet Cell Autotransplantation Surgical Success  Based on Post-Operative Quality of Life Analysis

Kyle Saavedra: Behavioral Effects of Rap Music on the Average Adolescent

Chris Sacha: Effects of Concussion Education on Female Soccer Athletes

Sashank Sakamuri: The Effects of the Inhibition of Autophagy on Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Uriel Salazar: Investigating the Use of Biochar in Rain Gardens to Reduce Chromium, Zinc, and Phosphorous Pollution in Runoff Water

Mason Salisbury: The Effect of Automation in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry on the Job Market

Megan Salmon: Australian Aboriginal Mythology in Geography of the Region of Victoria Australia

Jenny Schaaf: Analyzing Alfred Hitchcock’s Films for the Purpose of Observing Thematic Elements and Their Relation to Suspense and Incorporating Them in an Original Short Story

Caroline Schnell: The Effects of Elective Gonadectomy on Canine Health in Selected Charleston Veterinary Hospitals

Christopher Shulz: Sparking Economic Growth in Third World Countries Through the use of Nuclear Energy

Lilly Schweickhardt: Comparing and Contrasting the Coaching Behaviors and Terminology Used by an Instructor to Teach Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Boys’ Basketball Players

Benjamin Sewell: Self-Promotion and the Independent Artist

Samuel Short: The Effects of Soil pH On Vitis Labrusca

Cole Shubert: Designing a Guideline For the Construction of Green Wall Systems in the Southeastern United States

Caleb Sizemore: Innovating Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Social Inclusion Treatments for Adolescents in the United States

Devin Smalls: Creating Academic Accommodations for Adolescents with Hydrocephalus

Caroline Smith: A Comparative Study of Green Roofs on Public and Commercial Buildings in Charleston, South Carolina

Keaton Smith: Anime Apocalypse: A Comparative Analysis of the Portrayal of the Apocalypse and Post-Apocalypse within Akira

Alexandria Soltys: Designing an Enclosure for a Corvid

Jake Sossomon: Misperceptions in Adolescent Baseball Coaches

Anthony Spyropoulos: Mitigating Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Misdiagnosis: Distinguishing Imitators

Victoria Stadtmueller: Developing a Marketing Strategy to Gain Interest and Awareness of Women In Computer Science and Computer Science-Related Fields

ZachSwallah: Rich Mobile Applications Supported by the Cloud

Ailish Sykes:  The Creation of a Comprehensive Directory of the Volunteer Organizations Working Within the Public Middle Schools of Charleston County in the North and Central Zones

Leslie Thelan: Female Athlete Triad: Disordered Eating and Nutrition

Andy Turner: Improving the Speed of Service of the Drive Through at Chickfila Restaurants

Eric Van Overeem: Design of a Magnetic Eddy Current Resistance System to Stimulate Competitive Rowing

Scott Varn: Designing A Teacher-Led Intervention For Students Suffering From Depression

Hannah Waddell: Morphological Variation in the Invasive Red Algae Gracilaria Vermiculophylla

Deidra Ward: Development of an Oxygen Dependent Model of the Corneal Collagen Crosslinking Procedure

Cameron Waters: The Relationship Between Art and Politics: Totalitarian Germany, Italy, and Spain

Andrew Wong: Awareness of Subliminal Messaging in Advertising Brand Choice

Jessica Wright: Elements of Contemporary Constructed Language and Culture

Steven Wright: Blueprinting an NBA Championship

Nelson Yeung: The Maturation of Neonatal Cardiac Spheroids

James Yon: Archaeology of Charleston, SC

Madison Yost: Determining the Characteristics of Fan Activists Through the Example of the Harry Potter Alliance

Bertrand Zhang:  Objective Assessment Criteria of Median Based Filtering of Impulse Noise Corrupted Images