Teachers’ Favorite Movies

AMHS teachers talk about their favorite films


Have you ever wondered what teachers like to watch? Some of them aren’t discreet about it, but others are a total mystery. This week, I did some investigating and uncovered some of the AMHS staff’s total faves. Trust me, the results are good.

Ms. Hurt

When asked about her favorite movies, Ms. Hurt rattled off an entire list! Among them were Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Memento, The Gooneys, and The Sandlot. Though some may think they seem childish, *cough* Collin Brientnall *cough,* Ms. Hurt likes to remain upbeat. After spending every day at high school, it’s no wonder she needs something lighthearted.

The Marvel Movies Debrief: Captain America - The Winter Soldier Recap, Legacy, and MCU Connections | Den of Geek
Captain America: The Winter Soldier, a.k.a. one of the greatest movies of all time.

Ms. Orr

Ms. Orr has a lot of favorite movies. Then again, you might have guessed that from the Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok posters hanging in her room. Among her top picks are Gone With the Wind, Captain America: The Winter Soldier (a solid pick), and Inglorious Basterds. When asked why she chose The Winter Soldier, Ms. Orr said that she appreciates its discussion of privacy vs. public safety, which is an important topic in AP Gov. Leave it to Ms. Orr to find teachable moments in Marvel movies.

Mr. Garris

Out of every movie, The Lion in Winter takes the cake for Mr. Garris. The movie follows the life of King Henry the II of England as he hosts a family get-together. Unfortunately, the Christmas gathering is full of trouble, and every fight risks political fallout. Mr. Garris believes that the film is a “good depiction of a period of history” and that it “humanizes the past.” He also really likes the sound track.

The Characters Of AQUAMAN
Jason Momoa decked out as Aquaman.

Ms. Roop 

Ms. Roop really likes Aquaman (as is fitting of a marine bio teacher). She also enjoys most Disney movies. Though it’s hard to pick a favorite, The Princess in the Frog is definitely in her top three. Ms. Roop believes the friendship between Charlotte and Tiana is “one of the best in movie history.” Even though they are competing for the same man, they try their best to support each other. Charlotte doesn’t even get mad when Tiana’s dog ruins her birthday party!

Jason Momoa enough said”

— Ms. Roop

Vox Book Club, The Princess Bride, week 2: The really good parts - Vox
A scene from The Princess Bride, one of Ms. Benton’s favorite movies.

Ms. Benton

We all know Ms. Benton’s ult, but that doesn’t mean she can’t like other movies. Ms. Benton would like it to be known that she loves The Princess Bride because of its “humorous journey.” As for Disney movies, her pick is Lady and the Tramp. Now what we knew was coming: Ms. Benton LOVES Halloween H40 Why? Because it features the one and only Detective Benton. Duh.

There’s this really great cop in this movie who happens to be my husband.”

— Ms. Benton

Officer Richards aka Charlie Benton

Ms. Renes

When asked about her favorite movie, Ms. Renes had to say Gangs of New York. She’s not really sure why, except that Sir David Day-Lewis is one of her favorite actors. She also really likes his accent.

That’s it for today folks. Make sure to tune in next time to discover more interesting teachers’ picks. If this week’s been any indication, it’s gonna be fun.