The Batman Movie Preview

Discussing the Newest Batman Movie a Month Before its Release


With just a little a month before its March 4th release date, it is time to talk about possibly the most anticipated movie of  this year. After the three trailers that have been released, many believe this could be the best live-action Batman movie released. While it may be hard to top the Dark Knight and Christian Bale’s Batman. The Batman is said to be a darker and more gritty take on the character. It is said to fully explore Batman’s detective capabilities as the Riddler is going to be more of a serial killer than his goofier displays in previous movies. The movie will have a run time of around 3 hours which is long, but hopefully it will not feel like the movie is slow paced.

Robert Pattinson-

Many people were skeptical of this hire as the new Batman because of his previous roles like Twilight. He also went through controversy after joking in an interview that he had not worked out for the  role which angered many fans. However, now that fans have seen the trailer, many are excited to see his take on the popular role.His chemistry with Cat Woman, played by Zoe Kravitz, looks to be an important part of the movie.

Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz is set to take on the role of Cat Woman. Her role as Cat Woman looks to be very important to the plot with her interaction with both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Most likely she will begin as a criminal and then begin to work with Batman as their relationship grows.







Paul Dano

Paul Dano’s Riddler will be a much more serious take on the character. The trailer suggests he will be a serial killer who will go on a series of murders including the mayor of Gotham. This will all be in the effort to rid the city of the corrupt people. Based on the trailer it seems the Wayne’s may be at the center of that corruption. Director Matt Reeves has said that the movie is inspired by the popular thriller Momento due to the focus they will put on the detective aspect of Batman’s character.

Colin Farrell

Irish actor, Colin Farrell is set to play the iconic Batman villain, the Penguin.Due to the Penguin’ scarred appearance, Farrell was transformed by makeup and prosthetics to  bring a comic accurate appearance. As of now, it is not completely clear what his role in the plot will be, but it is sure he will act against the interests of Batman.


The Batmobile in this movie seems to be much more of a muscle car than the military grade vehicle that Bale’s Batman used. However, in the main trailer itt is evident that it will be able to withstand serious damage. This is another example how the movie will take a much more grounded approach compared to Ben Affleck’s Batman in the DCEU.


With all things considered, this movie has a great possibility of being one of the best superhero movies ever. It not only looks like a good movie for its genre, but also just in terms of a great movie in general. Reeves seems to be very passionate about this project and has already been  green lit to direct a trilogy featuring these characters.Reports have indicated that those who have watched the film already, say it is great.

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The Joker

It has been leaked that Irish actor, Barry Keoghan, will be playing the Joker in this franchise. He is confirmed  to be playing Officer Stanley Merkel who will be revealed as a corrupt cop and reportedly become the Joker.