Your Monthly Horoscope: January 2021

It’s time to say hello to Capricorn season and listen to “I Am” by Flo Milli religiously


With 2020 finally over, it’s time to focus on bigger and better things, like reading your horoscope for January! (aka the best possible use of your time) For this month, some of the astro happenings to look out for include:

The Sun entering Aquarius on the 19th (the start of Aquarius season!)

New Moon in Capricorn on Jan 13 

Full Moon in Leo on Jan 28

and finally, Uranus being in retrograde until the 14th.


Alright Capricorn, this month is your time to shine if your birthday didn’t already happen in December, but even if it did it’s still your season so take some time to shine anyway because this month is the perfect moment for you to be expressing yourself. You’ll find yourself approach communication more openly, and it’ll start to draw people in to your life. A shift in energy will take place in early January due to Mars’ placement in Taurus, with passion and action rising up around this time and making you want to bask in some creative energy. Try to make some art this month. Venus in Capricorn will push you to remind yourself of who you are and have you feeling back on track to yourself again, in case you were feeling a little aimless last month. This is your time to feel heard and appreciated <3. The new moon in Capricorn on the 13th will open up a whole new world for you emotionally, so take that fresh start and hop onto Aladdin’s carpet or just listen to the song a couple times for a similar effect. On the 28th, the full moon (!) in Leo will find you feeling a great sense of release as you try to let go of the past. Mercury retrograde then ends on the 30th, marking the month’s end and time for you to get back into old habits and find joy in the little things. Good luck this month Capricorn!


With the new year kicking off, it’s time to catch up on rest and embrace spirituality, if you’re into that! This current moment is a great time to follow your intuition and take note of the smaller things in life. Venus and Mars connect on the 9th, inspiring you and putting you in a bit of a sentimental mood. Maybe put on some Duke Ellington or binge-listen to Clair de Lune to feel especially sentimental. Later this month, plans about the future will be looked at, and you’ll find yourself in a much more open and optimistic mindset. Capricorn’s New Moon will have you wishing for some alone time, so be sure to get some rest and maybe even find some emotional breakthroughs along the way. Jupiter will be clashing with Uranus on the 17th, and with Uranus being your ruling planet, this will symbolize a moment to try new things and take some steps into the unknown. The 19th also marks the start of your season! Hello solar return time! See this as the time to be spontaneous and embrace this season’s themes of surprise and restructure for you, Aquarius. And happy early birthday to all of you woohoo


Say hello to your social life again, Pisces, as Mercury is in Capricorn, so it’s time to meet new people or just find something in your passions again. It looks like Mercury is then going to enter Aquarius, so think of this time as a good moment to to get back into meditation or to crack open that dream journal for a hot minute. It’ll also be a time to take sight of and value those around you, especially the connections you share with them and their importance to your soul. Capricorn’s New Moon might get you feeling a bit overwhelmed about how you fit in and you might be having some difficulty communicating with others. Just remember to stay flexible and keep a long-term mindset, as long as it doesn’t super stress you out. With Aquarius season kicking off on the 19th, take some time to retreat and relax. Get back into some old favorite movies or music and just take a moment to catch up with yourself.


Hey to all my Aries! This month marks the time for getting your plans in check and letting your creativity thrive. As Mars enters Taurus after having been in retrograde for so long, this marks the start of a new phase, getting you focused on feeling secure in your life. Make sure you realize some strategies for the long-term and recognize your own personal growth. Things might start to feel a little busy as Mercury clashes with Uranus, but try to make the most of it, don’t feel like you have to be a part of every single thing that’s going on around you. Slow down and make some choices that are what you want. Let yourself be a little selfish right now and connect with some people whose auras you enjoy. As the month ends with Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, you’ll find yourself running into lots of old pals and you might feel a little let down by old dreams, but new inspirations are right around the corner.


Taurus, aka the bull. This is looking like the time for new opportunities and learning, so expect this season to be all about that personal growth. With Venus entering Capricorn, it’ll be time to connect with others on an intellectual level. Share your dreams and world views with whoever wants to listen. As Uranus falls into your sign this month, you’ll be challenging everyone else’s views of what a Taurus so expect to break out of some routines and reflect on what freedom means to you. Jupiter will then clash with Uranus, creating a breakthrough in your career or you’ll just find yourself experiencing some positive change.


Hello and welcome to Capricorn season, Gemini. This month you’ll start to find closure and face the realities of the real world. It’ll be a time to start sifting through the people who bring the most into your life and the people who you would be better off without. With Capricorn’s New Moon on the 13th, you might start to see some tension, and that can mainly be solved by trying to get ready for a new start through slowing your roll and taking things one step at a time. Uranus will end its retrograde midway through this month, and you might start to have some funky dreams around this time. It’s also time to realize that endings create beginnings, and appreciating the value that things coming to an end can have on your own growth. And as the month itself comes to an end, make sure you get some rest and maybe even take a look back at some interests you’ve let go from the past.


This month sparks the beginning of real connections between you and people of importance around you, whether you recognize them as important yet or not. Take some time to be open and interested in as many people as you want, and let the positive auras welcome you. As Mercury links with Saturn early this month, get ready for the start of great communication and some surprises before Mercury enters retrograde. With the Full Moon in Leo at the end of this month, you’ll start to see some of those connections building up and some nice bonding moments to come as a result. After the Full Moon, you guessed it, welcome to the start of Mercury retrograde, where a lot of plans and ideas you’ve been hoping for will finally start manifesting into your life. And with that, don’t forget to keep manifesting on the daily, Cancer, February will be a great month if you keep up the good work.


Hey there “Little Lion Man” by Mumford & Sons !!(that song really has no correlation to your horoscope in any way, I’m kinda just grasping at straws here since Leos are lions and this song says lion).. anyway welcome to January! This month is looking like a busy time for you, as you’re starting to recenter yourself and get back into your routines. With Capricorn’s New Moon, it would be a perfect time to get into a new habit or hobby, turn over a new leaf and work to better yourself this season. As Uranus retrograde ends and the sun meets Pluto, it’s time to push yourself to break bad habits and prepare yourself for involving deeply into significant relationships around you. Looks like a major theme for this month involves habits and personal goals, so make sure that you are working for you and you only, don’t change yourself on account of the people around you. Chances are, they’re not worth it. The Full Moon being in Leo, you’ll start to be filled with extreme emotion and creativity, so work towards emotional release and expressing yourself in ways that seem genuine to you. And as the month closes down, Mercury will pick up into retrograde and have you getting ready to revisit some people from your past.


Hey there, Virgo, this month looks like it’ll be full of creativity and strength in relationships. This Capricorn season seems to be pointing towards spending time with and enjoying the company of the people that mean the most to you, even if it’s hard during these times. As the month continues on, your ruling planet of Mercury will meet Saturn and Jupiter and it’ll have you starting to take on less. You’ve been piling a lot of things onto your plate recently, so take some time to slow down and realize that sometimes having less to do can make you feel just as accomplished. This month is looking like one full of surprises, but one thing you can count on is deepening those bonds between the people that you care about, and as the sun meets Pluto, you’ll start to see a whole new avenue of depth than you would’ve expected. And as the month comes to a close, Mercury will start to see its retrograde and you’ll find schedules and things at work getting a little tricky, but it’s time to get some rest, slow down, and take care of yourself.


Okay Scorpio, now is the time for building connections. Connections with anyone and everyone, whoever seems like someone that you might want to know, reach out to them and make it happen. You might be feeling a little bit of “Someone New” by Hozier this month, and speaking from experience, I think it’s one of the cutest mindsets to be in. You’ll start to find some creativity in yourself this season too, so maybe open yourself up to writing some poetry or expressing your feelings to the people you care about. As cheesy as it sounds, let your voice be heard. The New Moon in Capricorn this month will help you to keep building on communication, not just with the people around you, but with yourself too. You might start to feel a little restless as the month goes on, so try your best to revisit places or habits that make you feel secure. With Mercury retrograde closing out this month, it’ll be time to slow down and get some rest, and recognizing your own growth at these times. You’ve gone through a lot, and it’s important to take a moment to appreciate yourself.


Alright Sagittarius, this season is first and foremost bringing you feelings of security and wealth, whether that be actual literal ca$h money or just feelings of gratitude and emotional wellbeing and wealth of the ~metaphorical kind. You’ll start to find yourself focusing a lot of your energy on important projects and figuring out a daily schedule that better works for you. Energy will seem to be bursting at around this time, so try to use it to fuel positive habits. Capricorn’s New Moon will have you starting to look at the world with fresh eyes (very much so unlike the Andy Grammer song). And as the month closes off, it’s time to revisit some old memories and even people, with Mercury’s retrograde picking up.