A Review of Taylor Swift’s Most Iconic Concert Outfits

A Mini Guide for “The Eras Tour” Outfits


There’s no question about it, Taylor Swift has some of the most notable and glamorous concert outfits in music history. With her “The Eras Tour” quickly approaching us, I thought it would be appropriate to review some of her best fashion statements from over the past 14 years of her performances, which began with her Fearless Tour on April 23, 2009. This article may also assist any of my fellow Swifties who were lucky enough to win a seat at one of her upcoming concerts with picking an outfit to wear!


Starting off strong, we have one of Taylor’s original and most memorable concert appearances from the beginning of her performance career, the flashy gold fringe dress. This is one of my absolute favorite outfits of hers, which was worn during her performance of “Sparks Fly” during her Speak Now World Tour. And of course, she coordinated her red lipstick with her matching red guitar to make the ensemble even more eye-catching! The only thing missing is a bright red microphone!



Another outfit that displays a simpler yet chic outfit by Swift is her white 2 piece set that she wore during one of her concerts on the 1989 World Tour. The white strapless top and high-waisted shorts are bedazzled with a line of sparkly jewels on both upper hemlines, which were then paired with a pair of black thigh-high boots to top it off. This appearance would not be too difficult to mimic for a concert, and it could definitely be reworn for a fun summer outing in Charleston!

I went to this 1989 concert in Atlanta and I loved this outfit so much!

— Mary Blake Hand

Although this outfit was not technically worn at one of her concerts, Taylor rocked this pink, silver, and gold fringed sequin look while performing “ME!” at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. She coordinated her pink ponytail and silver booties to tie the outfit together and perfectly reflect the colors and mood in her album, Lover. Pretty much any bright, multi-color outfit that evokes pure happiness and glam would be ideal if you are trying to dress as a song in Lover, or the entire album itself!


Another one of Swift’s most iconic and memorable outfits was her circus look during her first time at the European Music Award Show in 2012, where she went home with 3 awards, including best live act, best female, and best look. Taylor wore this outfit while performing one of her top hits at the time, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” I believe this outfit was intended to remind fans of all of the animal onesies and costumes that were presented in the song’s music video, as well as to show everyone that she is the “ringleader” in all of her relationships (and some may argue of all similar music in our generation). Although I would not wear this outfit to her concert, it is definitely a statement and would turn lots of heads!


Another ICONIC outfit that I had to include was Taylor’s marching band outfit from part of her Fearless Tour when she performed “You Belong With Me”. This is another direct tie into the song’s music video where her marching band/cheerleader costumes and role comparisons are featured, as well as the line “She’s Cheer Captain, and I’m on the bleachers.” This is one of my favorite songs and most nostalgic costume of hers, and I think it would definitely catch Swift’s attention at a concert if executed properly. 😆


Taylor’s all-black concert outfits have always been a personal favorite, especially this black-sequin leotard, which I’m sure you guessed, was modeled during her Reputation Tour. Her black eyeliner, nails, lipstick, and fishnets make the ensemble even more fierce to reflect the dark and vengeful album. 


When you think Taylor Swift, you think RED. Whether it’s the album, her famous red lipstick, or just your deep passion for her music, red always seems to come to mind. As a part of her Red Tour, Taylor presented one of her many all-red outfits, but this one was one of my favorites. The sparkly red dress, bright red lipstick, and red elbow length gloves create a red fashion masterpiece to represent the album as a whole. This outfit (or another all-red combination) could be easily replicated for a last-minute concert look in case your dream sequin dress gets lost in the mail!


Another all-one-color outfit that I believe is very iconic and well-known by Taylor is her classic purple princess gown that she wore while performing “Love Story” at the CMA’s in 2008. This dress is the epitome of a fairy tale and royalty, and Swift completed the look with a silver jeweled headband and bracelet. If you are trying to dress according to “Love Story” or one even of the songs in her Speak Now album (specifically “Enchanted,” “Long Live,” or even the Speak Now album itself), I think a purple dress of some sort would resemble them perfectly.


Overall, everyone can agree that Taylor Swift’s fashion taste is impeccable when it comes to astonishing millions of her fans during her performances. Whether you follow one of the concert outfit looks in this article or create your own, I would definitely recommend dressing up according to an album, song, or previous outfit of hers if you are planning to attend an Eras Tour concert!