Senior Class’ Past Lives… part 2

the second half of the alphabet…

Senior Class Past Lives... part 2

So I’m back for part two of our Seniors’ Past lives! Remember, these are just random ideas I came up with, and it’s all for kicks…

  1. Morgan MacDonald: circumnavigated the globe on a sailboat
  2. Mark Maci: slalom skiing pioneer
  3. Anna Grace Maher: bakery owner in Scandinavia
  4. Emma Martin: small-town teacher who basically raises the kids
  5. Sophia Martuscello: Ancient Greek astrologer
  6. Jocelyn Massenet: chapeau shop owner
  7. Katie Massie: designed early running sneakers
  8. Casey Matthews: museum archivist
  9. Elias McCall: part of the first class at Clemson
  10. Emma McClain: Disney’s Snow White animator
  11. Trinity McManus: architect for skyscrapers
  12. Aidan McPherson: Jackaroo (aussie cowboy)
  13. Charlie Medlock: fisherman in colonial america
  14. Ishaan Mehrota: in the original world cup
  15. Brooks Melton: Californian sport fisherman
  16. Ruth Middleton: advocated for women to be naval officers
  17. Devon Mulligan: the original Karen
  18. Sheryas Mytri: musicians’ manager in the ’30s
  19. Christian Nelson: Westley from the princess bride
  20. Sarah Nelson: linguistics professor
  21. Maddie Nguyen: made prints for fabrics
  22. Sophie Nguyen: original dancer in the Paris Opera Ballet
  23. Olivia Niesse: Travel book writer
  24. Nusrat Nourin: poet
  25. Wenshu Novak: free solo climber
  26. Lily O: immigration lawyer
  27. Frances O’Shea: opened up a homeless shelter
  28. Charles Olsen: an overdramatic poet of Epics
  29. Rey Ortiz: muralist
  30. Evie Otis: mayor who served for her whole life
  31. Ethan Ouellette: came up with the idea for the sundial
  32. Maya Pai: education reform activist
  33. Bell Pansap: travel veterinarian in the country
  34. Janice Park: dentist/orthodontist
  35. Nick Patterson: owned a bowling alley
  36. Matt Porzio: record producer
  37. Nora Powell: grocer in Medieval England
  38. Disha Qanungo: international diplomat
  39. Porter Quants: rock drummer in the ’40s ish
  40. Michelle Ren: Police Officer
  41. Casey Richmond: put up telephone wires across America
  42. Rocco: opened up a ski resort
  43. Oliver Root: detective
  44. Mary Routh: investigative journalist
  45. John Rowe: lobbyist
  46. Adam Rubinstein: racecar driver
  47. Anyjah Sally: music teacher
  48. Valerie Salvatierra: shoe designer
  49. Catherine Santos: high school guidance counselor
  50. Preston Sessoms: satire author
  51. Brady Siegan: coroner
  52. Hayden Southworth: salesperson from the ’60s
  53. George Sterrett: science teacher
  54. Johanna Stone: art professor
  55. Allie Streck: personal trainer
  56. Karoline Surdyk: portrait artist
  57. Eliza Taylor: lacrosse coach
  58. McCabe Templeton: singer in a band like ABBA
  59. John Thomas: Floridian orange farmer
  60. Molly Tippey: presidential adviser
  61. Hank Tschantz: cargo ship captain
  62. Nicole Tufts: hurdler for team USA
  63. Miles Turk: chess champion in the ’30s
  64. Manning Unger: sailing instructor
  65. Felix Von Asten: first recipient of the first model T ford
  66. Sylvia Watkins: dog rescuer
  67. Sophia White: interpreter
  68. Arthur Whiteman: worked in a nursing home
  69. Ben Whitley: game show host
  70. Alex Williams: invented sarcasm
  71. Timothy Wilson: resident mathematician for NASA
  72. Lily Wolf: the fun English teacher
  73. Liam Wood: florist
  74. Vivien Yang: Cartier jeweler
  75. Mason Yost: triathlete
  76. Porter Zach: searched for Bigfoot
  77. Gabby Hart: marathoner
  78. Alex Hernandez: firefighter
  79. Carson Moore: British tennis player
  80. Jack Tucker: mountain man

Have a good week, guys! As of this publication, only 9 more school days ’till WINTER BREAK YAYAYAYYAYAY