Raptor Basketball Falls to Bishop England in Coming Home Games


The Bird Cage

Lilly Schweickhardt, Staff Writer

Farmers, Avatars, Sleepovers, and Vikings filled the school on Friday in preparation for the Coming Home game that night. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors gathered in the gym as the seniors ran in chanting, “1-5 OR DIE.”   The sailing, rugby, and basketball teams were recognized and each grade competed in a basketball half-court shooting contest. Choral Linhart was the only participant to make the shot, causing the senior class to break out into a “Choral Linhart” chant. The Dirty Birds, cheerleaders, and Hott Steppers preformed while each class cheered for the members of their grade. Since Coming Home was also on the same day as Senior Night, the Coming Home queen and king were announced. Cassidy Rindge and Vaibhav Mohanty took home the crowns and had the privilege to lead the senior class in a dance competition against the other grades. Before the pep rally was over, Ms. Roop announced the winner of the spirit competition. The freshmen received 4th place, followed by the juniors, the sophomores, and the seniors in first. Chants of “1-5 OR DIE” erupted when the results were announced and each grade ran to center court to shout “AMHS.”

Although Bishop England was victorious at the basketball games Friday night, the competition level kept the fans immersed in the game. The night started out with the JV girls and boys who kept the score close for most of the game. The players fought hard and performed well in front of the fans. The Varsity Girls’ game brought excitement and intensity. From the opening tip until the end of regulation, the Raptors kept the pressure on BE. With tough defense and explosive offense, the girls’ took the lead at halftime with a 27-20 advantage. The Bishops came out strong in the third quarter, outscoring the Raptors 16-9 to tie the game. The fourth quarter saw multiple lead changes, but ultimately ended in a tie, forcing an overtime to decide the outcome of the game. BE took control quickly in the 4 minute overtime, scoring 14 points and forcing the Raptors to foul with one minute left. Although the Bishops ended up winning 59-52, the Raptors kept the score close for the entire game.

In between varsity games, the seniors from both teams were recognized. Choral Linhart, Lilly Schweickhardt, and Hannah Waddell are the three seniors from the girls’ team, while Evan Camp, Adam Ackerman, Ben Sewell, Nick Langdale, and Zach Reineke are the seniors from the boys’ team.

After recognizing the seniors and their parents, the boys’ game began with the cheer of “I believe that we will win!” The boys’ started out strong in the first quarter, leading 22-12. Ben Redden hit multiple threes, to propel the Raptors to a 10-point lead. The Raptors played a promising second quarter as well, holding a 5-point lead at halftime. However, their lead wouldn’t hold due to the Bishop’s strong shooting and the end result was a 73-51 loss.