Most Underrated Restaurants in the Charleston Area

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Most Underrated Restaurants in the Charleston Area

Charleston, SC has one of the leading food and beverage scenes in the United States. With a huge variety of fantastic restaurants available, I decided to share my thoughts on what the top five most underrated restaurants of Charleston are.


Coming in at the number five spot on this list lands La Pizzeria. This pizza place, located on Houston Northcutt Blvd. in Mount Pleasant, is extremely popular with the locals for phenomenal brick-oven pizzas and other Italian plates of pasta and desserts from a cozy, local family-run Italian location. Although this restaurant may appear to be unassuming from the outside, on the inside, it is filled with character and authenticity. For this reason, I would urge you all to try it out as it is very underrated.



Next on this list, at the number four spot in this list is Johnny’s Hot Dogs located on Coleman Boulevard. Johnnys is a very small establishment essentially built into the side of ACE hardware. They serve excellent hot dogs, biscuits, and sandwiches. If you are ever driving around Mount Pleasant and are hungry for a delicious and cheap breakfast or lunch, this is the place for you.



At the number four spot on this list lands Barberitos. This restaurant, located in the James Island Shopping Center, does excellent Tex-Mex foods, such as burritos, tacos, and quesadillas. I would consider Barberitos to be underrated because it does food similar to Chipotle and Moes but at a much higher level and cheaper price.



For the number two spot on this list, Leon’s Oyster Shop is featured. This restaurant, located downtown, does excellent fried chicken and oysters. For some of the best food in Charleston, I would recommend this restaurant. The restaurant itself is also fantastic, with excellent ambiance and a fantastic vibe. If you decide to try this place out, I would recommend getting the milkshake for dessert, as it is also fantastic.



In the final spot on this list, lands Mozzo Deli in Mount Pleasant. This deli, also located on Coleman Boulevard, does an excellent breakfast and lunch for a very affordable price. Being locally owned and operated, only the real locals can appreciate this restaurant for what it is. As Marshall Hodges, a magnet senior and Mozzo frequent says “it is gas and is honestly a vibe also the sandwiches are muy delicioso.” If you decide to try it out I would recommend the Roma sandwich, it is fantastic.