Class of 2016 Thesis Stats


AMHS is well known for its Senior Thesis, a requirement for a Magnet diploma. The Class of 2016 is making the stressful exciting trek into the Thesis territory. With an endless number of topics to choose from, the juniors have locked in their selections. Ranging from energy harvesting revolving doors to a psychoanalytical criticism of “Celebration of the Lizard,” here are some of the percentages of a few categories this year’s theses fall into.


Science is the most prevalent choice this year, with 36.36% of the juniors choosing a hard science thesis. Next are the humanities, 18.18% choosing to examine topics such as verbal abuse in young adult literature and Brazilian government. Creative theses, or theses that produce something like a movie or piece of art, made up 14.94%, while sports formed 13.64%. 11.04% of the theses involve psychology, while gender and race topics made up 5.20%. The juniors are just in the beginning stages, but it’ll be exciting to see how these theses turn out!