Spirit Animals of Magnet

Spirit animals of Magnet

I, Cameron Dawson, have interviewed many of Academic Magnet’s awesome seniors in an attempt to learn more about them. As part of this process, I asked what the person thought their spirit animal was. In this article, I will analyze and attempt to explain why the person picked their animal. This is purely opinion-based and not based on anything the interviewee stated.

Adam Rubenstein: Wolf
During Adam’s young bowling career he has picked up the moniker “the wolf of West Ashley lanes.” With a bowling technique as skillful as a wolf is while hunting, I think his choice makes sense.


Mary Katherine Kerrigan: Otter
Mary Katherine Kerrigan or MK for short selected the otter for her spirit animal because while they are cool, cute animals on the outside, on the inside they are vicious killing machines.

Anna Cook: Goose
Anna selected the goose as her spirit animal because of her flocking nature. She can often be seen around campus with her group of friends looking fairly goose-like.

Will Culler: Butterfly
Due to his delicate and fragile personality, the butterfly is the perfect pick for Mr. Culler. He may appear to be rough and tough, but when you get to know him, you will learn he has a soft side.

Allie Streck: Wyvern Dragon
Allie, who has always had a fascination with mythical creatures, selected the wyvern dragon. Like this dragon, Allie always has her head in the clouds wishing that she too could fly around a magical land.

Marshall Hodges: Charmander
Marshall’s pick, Charmander, is a pokemon famous for the fire growing out of its tail. This “animal” is perfect for marshalls spirit animal due to the fiery red hair growing out of the top of Marshall’s head.

Sydney Isaacks: Giraffe
Sydney picked a giraffe in order to compensate for her below average height. That being said, they share many characteristics including a Chick-Fil-A addiction and spots.

Nick Patterson: Chimp
Nick Patterson decided to choose a chimp because he is a beast in whatever he does. If you do not see him in the gym pushing mad weight you might see him on the football field showing freshmen that he is the boss.

McCabe Templeton: Golden Retriever
Similar to McCabe, the golden retriever is a friendly animal and always very happy. (also they are both blondes)

Katie Massie: Lion

Katie chose the lion for her spirit animal because they are both very fierce. Furthermore, Katies’ curly hair resembles that of a lion.