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Leaked promo for Outer Banks season two.

In this article, I will be reviewing books, media, and other interesting things I have done during Rona time. Hope you enjoy! lol


Coronavirus Explained

Only a few things I didn’t know/ 10

This documentary with Vox was pretty interesting, but nothing groundbreaking tbh.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive

Carlos is a king/ 10

This documentary is great, and you will not be disappointed. If you think you are not interested in Formula 1, then watch this show, and you will change you mind.


None of the characters are likable/ 10

Disclaimer I have not finished this yet, but it’s not too good. I like the Mizner style Californian houses though.

Jerry Seinfeld 23 Hours to Kill

Nope/ 10

I really like Jerry Seinfeld, but he lost his touch with his hair. I only watched half of this, and I didn’t laugh.

Miss Americana

Eras/ 10

I only watched the first half, and it was very interesting. Taylor’s done a very creative thing by having different phases with each of her albums, and she’s had a great career.


Italians in New York/ 10

Honestly, this movie was great. I watched this with Kedar’s family, but I only saw the first half (again) because my mom made me come home :(. Also, it’s not not on Netflix, so we had to pay for it :((

Outer Banks

It is your duty to watch this as a high schooler in Charleston/ 10

While the plot is laughable, the filming is amazing. Outer Banks aka Charleston looks like the best place in the world. I’m a sucker for shows filmed with good filters, and Outer Banks takes the cake because everything was filmed with that Luberon lighting.


If your parents are watching this run away/ 10

This was a show my parents (and sometimes I) watched, but I do not recommend familial viewings… I love Scotland though, and I definitely want to go now.

Parks and Recreation

If you think The Office is better, you’ve never seen it all the way through/ 10

Such, such a good show. This was my second time watching the series though, and I was not disappointed.

Riverdale Season Four

Return to season one/ 10

This show has been memed for good reason. The relationships and plot are completely farcical at this point, not to mention that one of the main characters (a high schooler!) runs a Rum company and a speakeasy nightclub. What??… How is that even possible considering she is 17 or 18 max. However, the filters and colors are great, and this show just makes me feel very cozy- I don’t know why. I haven’t finished it yet, but I can tell these actors are dying to move on.


I want Tony to be my uncle/ 10

One of the greatest seasons ever, but I’m sad it was the death of old school.

The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart

I don’t know why I keep watching this/ 10

This show is not good and has gotten terrible ratings. The crux of the plot is that couples get sent home if they don’t have enough chemistry while performing a duet. What?!! No one wants to watch forced PDA at a concert.

The Circle

Shoobie doobie doo, where are you?/ 10

This show was good, but it kinda dragged on. I see there is a Brazilian version too.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Never forget mans was a freshman dating a senior/ 10

At first, I thought I didn’t like this movie, but when I woke up I did like it. So now, I’m mostly confused, and also sad because I realized the main character was not the same guy from 13 Reasons Why.

The Social Network

Alien robot/ 10

This was a good movie, and Mark Zuckerberg is probably the weirdest/ most brilliant person in our country. I know we’re supposed to hate the Winklevoss twins, but they’re just funny to me. Also google the membership process for the Porcellain club, it will blow your mind.

The Spectacular Now

Amy is settling/ 10

This movie has the same energy as The Perks of Being a Wallflower or Struck by Lightening, and there is just something so fascinating about these depressing coming of age stories, they just grab you.

The Talented Mr. Ripley

Tell your kids to stay away from strangers/ 10

Most people know Matt Damon from The Bourne series or Good Will Hunting, but no, he gives a masterclass on stranger danger in this movie. I didn’t watch the whole thing, but I saw enough. He’s sketch dude, take it from me.

The Voice

I can’t believe it’s season 18/ 10

My mom watches this show, and I saw the end of the last episode. Doing performances from home does not have the same energy, and why do all the coaches live on farms? All I’m saying is that my mom was anti-Nick before he came on the show, and now she loves him. #goodworkbro

Tiger King

What even/ 10

I know this show is old now, but it’s crazy. It’s actually insane. I’m still digesting it. The Talon staff needs to take a field trip to Myrtle Beach Safari.

Vienna Blood

Id/ 10

I watch this show with my dad, and it’s interesting level is medium. It takes place in Vienna, which is really cool, and it has a large psychology subplot, which I like. #thanksstack

World on Fire

Oof Europe/ 10

I also watch this show with my dad, and I really like this one. It’s similar to War and Peace with a lot of intertwining characters and families set during a time of war. In the words of Julia, “I’m keeping the baby! and there’s noting you can do about it!”

100 Humans

Why are these actors pretending to be scientists?? It’s worrisome/ 10

It’s interesting but also pretty unfounded. These scientists (read actors) do cool experiments with people, but there is no method really or credible conclusions. The research teachers would be disappointed, and College Board should give them a 1 plus revoke their ERB.


A Room with a View by E. M. Forster

I should have payed closer attention/ 10

I saw this book reviewed very positively in The Wall Street Journal, so I decided to read it. We should all be very glad to live in 2020.

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Luca Spaghetti/ 10

I’m currently reading this book, and it is very good. My brother described it as a “boomer novel,” but I think her spiritual insight is tight.

Life’s Extras by Archibald Rutledge 

Not to be confused with John B Routledge/ 10

While this book is very short, it has a good heart and stories. The one about the Civil war soldier was touching.

The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken

Some sorta minds/ 10

I read this because my nieces read it. Not much to say here, other than it fits exactly in the vein of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Lorien Legacies, The Mortal Instruments, Maximum Ride, Divergent etc. Basically any novel where young teens adventure across the county, running from the evil adults.

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Kabul has definitely changed/ 10

I really liked this book, as the subject matter was really unique. All we hear about now is violence in Afghanistan, so it was nice to get a different perspective of a better time there. It was a little sappy, but hey aren’t we all.

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Sad feels/ 10

In the words of Robert Frost, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—/ I took the one less traveled by,/ And that has made all the difference.” Well, this not your road anymore Robby because this road has cannibals and death.

The Swamp Fox by John Oller

Very educational/ 10

I started this book, and I had to take a break. It’s not boring per se, it’s just very very factual with a large lack of regard for any modicum of Francis’ personality.

The Trouble with Poetry and Other Poems by Billy Collins

Summer reading/ 10

This was Davis’ summer reading poetry book, so I read it now. It has a very New Hampshire vibe, and Billy does not come off as self absorbed or obsessed, which is hard for most poets. I laud him for this because that’s how you know he’s really got it.

The Whale Rider by Witi Ihimaera

Call me the whale writer/ 10

The story is very unique because it is an extensive metaphor about the survival of the Maori people in New Zealand. The writing could be a lot better, as it takes twenty pages to accomplish what could be tastefully and effectively done in one.

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

I’m captain Short John Silver/ 10

I know this a children’s book, but I’ll have you know it was written in ’81…1881. Because of that, the language is a tad antiquated and includes medical practices such as blood letting.

Winnie-the-Pooh by A. A. Milne

Where did the idea of Tigger come from? He is not in the book/ 10

Yes, I know this is another children’s book, but it’s also 160 pages. I looked for the psychological disorder stuff, but that only popped with Eeyore. Also, never forget that Rabbit used Pooh’s legs to hang towels when he got stuck leaving his den.


***For the record, I’m ashamed that my Netflix list is longer.


Applying for Survivor

My headshot that my mom took today/ 10

Today, I sent in an audition tape for the next season of Survivor. I don’t know why I’m including this, but I guess I’m just trying to will it into existence.

Going on Walks

Me/ 10

Since gyms closed, all we have left is walking.

Growing a Beard

Yes it’s red/ 10

I guess you saw just this, but I’m attempting to grow a beard. Someone told me I look like Ed Sheeran yesterday, and I’ll take it. It’s been a very polarizing experience to say the least.

Looking for a Roommate

My ideal roommate/ 10

This sentient can probably be shared by many of my compatriots, except for the fact that everyone already seems to have their roommate.

Making a Facebook

Except I’ll be out quick/ 10

This goes hand in hand with my previous review. The only good thing about Facebook is that you can discover who was born in 2002 and defriend them. I cannot wait to delete mine. This is not like The Social Network.

Watching the Sunset

This is from the internet ironically/ 10

We need to pay attention to sunsets.

Waiting Until the Night Before to Write this Article

Goodbye Magnet/ 10

This isn’t really new, but I’m still doing it anyway. Some people might be confused as to why I stayed up until 3 am today working on this article (that probably won’t get many views) when I have already done way more than enough for this edition and could go to sleep. But I really enjoy making content for you guys and the Magnet community, (and I also wanted to make senior wills the best ever.) When I’m gone, I hope I am remembered as someone who really cared about the student body and tried to make the school a better place for everyone. I’ve been really thankful to go to Magnet, even through all the low points, and I’m really thankful for all the people I’ve met. I’m proud of the person I’ve become, and if you made it this far, remember to stay strong and choose happiness my friend.

As this is my last article, I would like to sincerely thank anyone who has read my content and The Talon this year. If one person has laughed reading my stuff, then it’s been success to me :’)