TAKE-OUT PART 2: Quarantine Edition

Food fixes everything

As promised in the previous take out article, here are some ideas for the lovely readers residing in West Ashely or James Island:

West Ashley 

Taste of Thai: When craving something a little different than usual, Taste of Thai is a great, cost-efficient choice for lunch or dinner. I would start out by ordering a light salad with their ginger dressing. They have so many entrees to choose from so I am positive there is a Taste of Thai entree for everybody. Their curries are exquisite and I have only heard positive things about their Chicken Teriyaki. They have 10 sides you choose from which will surely complement your choice of appetizer or entree. They also offer soups which could be a real blessing if you are feeling under the weather for whatever reason. 

Mex 1 Coastal Cantina: Mexican food always lifts the spirits of the dreary during self-isolation. Mex 1 is a great option and has something for everyone. If you’re trying to go the healthier route, you can opt for a salad, and if you want to go all out, I would recommend getting their queso, salsa, AND guac (you won’t regret it). I would also recommend tacos with your choice of fillings. Their quesadillas are also really good and cooked to perfection. Their Baja Bowls are packed with flavor. The nice thing about Mex 1 is that you can customize everything you get to fit your dietary needs and personal likes and dislikes. If their customer service for taking out is as good as their customer service in house, then it is awesome! 


James Island

Coastal Crust: Mmm pizza. Pizza is one of the best foods to order for taking out when you have a family. It’s easy to choose a couple of pizzas for the whole family and everyone can have what they like. Their wood-fired pizza is impeccable and you can definitely taste the difference between Coastal Crust pizza and your local chain pizza. They also serve wine, which is necessary for your parents who are at their wits end dealing with their children who are stuck at home, and they also offer Shareable Plates which are delicious appetizers to share with the whole family. 

Kickin’ Chicken: Kickin’ Chicken is the best kind of food to have right now. It’s like bar food, but it tastes better and even though it’s unhealthy, it is what you want to cheat with. From their chicken tenders to their chicken wings, they have never disappointed me, AND they have a very efficient take out counter making it quick and easy to acquire your food. My favorite dish that they have is their bobby fries. They are beautifully cut and crafted french fries topped with ranch dressing, bacon, and an assortment of cheeses. I also recommend their mozzarella sticks and their stuffed pretzels.