Card Games to Play


There is now a lot of time on our hands that we have never had before. Why not take this time to learn a few games to play with your family and friends? I personally can play card games for hours wihtout getting bored, so I have relied heavily on these games the past few days. Here are two of my favorites:


This can tend to sounds complicated at first as there are many different rules with many different positions a player can hold. However, as you play more it becomes easier to understand.

To be the first person to run out of cards

The dealer deals out the entire deck evenly to all of the players.
The person to the left of the deck plays one card in the center, face up
The next person plays a card that either holds the same or higher number value.
If the same number is played in succession then it skips the next person.
If you can not play a card then you are skipped.
A “2” can be played at anytime which means that you “blow up” the deck resulting in all of the cards being moved from the center allowing the same player to play another card of their choice.
However, you can not play a “2” on nothing. There have to be cards for the “2” to be placed on top of.
Also, you can not play a “2” as your last card. This action results in your getting last place.
Once one person has run out of cards, they claim the title as President. The following rankings are Vice President, Neutral, Vice Scum, and Scum.
Once everyone has a ranking, the beginning changes a little.
The cards are distributed into even decks and the top card from every deck is flipped up. If more than one deck has the same top card, the following card may also be flipped.
The President gets first pick of the deck leading to the Scum with the last pick.
Then the President gets to trade two cards of their choice with the scum while the vice president and vice scum trade one.
The round goes as it last time, and rankings are reassigned based on who finishes first.
Can you make your way from Scum to President?

The musical chairs of card games

To grab a spoon

The dealer gives four cards to each player.
There are spoons in the middle of the table. There must be one less spoon then there are people. For example if there are 5 players, put 4 spoons in the center.
There must be four cards in every player’s hand at all times.
The dealer picks a card from the deck and decides if they want the card or not.
If they do, they replace one of their cards with the new one and slide their old card to the next player face down. If they do not want it, they slide the card to the next player face down. This process continues the whole game.
If the dealer runs out of cards, they can begin taking cards from the trash deck.
The player’s goal is to have four cards of the same face value in their hand at the same time.
Once a player has four of the same cards, they can grab a spoon. Once one player grabs a spoon, it is free for all and any player can grab a spoon even if they do not have four of the same card. The player who does not grab a spoon is eliminated.