What to Do When You’re Stuck at Home

Here are some activities to cure your boredom.

Homework does not count as an activity.

Homework does not count as an activity.

Over the Coronavacation break, I am sure much of the devoted Talon audience will be stuck at home due to nervous moms and overcautious government officials. I cannot blame either of these two parties for their precautions, but it is nevertheless annoying for teenagers who would rather do anything than stay at home for days. If you find yourself in this situation, I hope you will take a few ideas from this list to cure your boredom.


Read the Talon:

This may seem like shameless self promotion, but the Talon offers great insight to stories of Magnet. Even if you feel like you are the most dedicated fan in the world, you can still search for articles from previous years. Quizzes, as well, offer some entertainment. At the end of the break, you will surely be able to pass Susannah and Jordan’s “How Much Do You Read the Talon” quiz.


Build a lego:

I’m a big proponent of sweeping off the dust on some lego boxes and spending an hour creating whatever you want. Your brain works differently than from when you were a child. See what new, exciting things you can build. Send me pictures if you make something cool. 



If not for others, for yourself. Cooking can be fun because you are rewarded at the end with a good meal and a healthy dose of self confidence. This break would be a great time to try something new. Perhaps it is cooking. 


Pick up a book:

I’m not a big fan of reading for pleasure, but certain books draw me in. I would suggest The Goldfinch or A Walk in the Woods if you want to start reading a new book. This can be a great opportunity to gain some knowledge for the AP Lang or AP Lit exam without feeling like it was force-fed by your English teacher.



This one is pretty self explanatory. Sometimes you gotta take life into your own hands. If you feel trapped because your parents won’t let you go outside, do it anyway (respectfully). I’m sure they will understand if you need some fresh air. 



Home workouts can be effective if you take them seriously. It’s easy to get distracted at home, but pushups, crunches, burpees, and planks work well for some short term focused exercises.


Make some money:

Easier said than done, but try to spend your time building a financial portfolio. Right now is a risky time to put money in the stock market, but it’s definitely worth it if you want to make some money in the long run since prices are low.


Organize things:

Spring cleaning!



Complaining always makes me feel better, and you can try it as well. Why pout by yourself when everyone else can know how upset you are?


Learn a new skill:

You should have lots of time on your hands, so maybe you can come back to school with a few magic tricks up your sleeve or the ability to solve a Rubik’s Cube.


Practice an old skill:

Instruments work well for this category.


Call Ms. Spencer:

In a recent email, Ms. Spencer said she is available 24/7 by email and cell phone. Some would say that she only takes calls for emergencies. I would disagree. Have a nice chat! 843-709-9712

Make something artistic:

Origami and painting are two easy crafts that you can pursue.


Play a board game:

This one depends on a lot of factors, but given the fact that we do not have school until April 13th, take the time to delve into some larger games such as Risk or Monopoly.


Watch a documentary:

Documentaries are like the Peanut Butter of the movie world. They feel like a movie, but they are also good for your brain. Just like how Peanut Butter tastes like it should be worse for you than it actually is.


Teach your dog a trick:

Spend some time with your dogs! With a few treats, they will be more than happy to learn some new tricks. I am teaching my dog, George, how to shake hands (not advised for non-canines at this time). The tricks you teach can vary in difficulty. Easiest: sit. Hardest: teaching them how to make a bank deposit. 


Make a playlist for someone:

This is always a very nice gesture. Not only can you enjoy some new music, but the receiver can also spend some time listening.