Ranking the Teen Ages

Written by two 17 year olds

Ranking the Teen Ages

1. 17

Seventeen is the age that probably has the most songs written about it. In most cases, you have a lot more freedom because you are old enough to be trusted and have a good sense of self at this point. But, you’re still not 18 or 19 so people don’t have super high expectations of you. You get to have fun and not a lot of responsibility to inhibit it. However, this opinion is coming from two people who were 17 for senior year only so I can see how being 17 during junior year can affect your opinion. 

2. 16

Sixteen is definitely the most documented of the teens. There are at least 20 movies focused on sweet sixteens as a concept (including 16 wishes starring Debby Ryan, a coming of age film following a young girl named Abby Jensen in pursuit of a perfect life, but then coming to realize that her life was perfect after all.) 16 is the year that teens in most states are able to get their permits/licenses, and have the least number of responsibilities. This age is the height of adolescence and all of your “memorable teenage experiences” are centered around this age. A major con is the kids in Riverdale are supposed to be your age, sorry.

3. 18

Even though 18 is the age where you can finally vote, buy a lottery ticket, and enlist in the army, you have to accept some of the responsibilities of being an adult. Most people are 18 at the end of high school, which are known to be some of the best, most carefree months of your teens. It can also be a very scary year as you’re facing one of the biggest life changes you have probably faced at this point. The transition to college or the workforce can be exciting and scary and 18 is generally the year where you make big decisions about your future and prepare for it. 

4. 15

15 is kind of boring. Nothing really happens and you’re typically a freshman or if you’re like us, sophomore year is spent in its entirety as a 15 year old. You’re able to get your permit now and are on the verge of getting a lot of freedom, but not quite there yet. You’ve just exited the awkward teen years but you’re not at the fun teen years yet. Limbo. 

5. 19 

We’ve never been 19, but we feel like we have a pretty good guess on what it is like. With freedom that comes from not living with your parents, you have to make sure you take care of all of your responsibilities, because you have been an adult for a year now and you need to be fully functioning. If you do not go to college, 19 can be super stressful, as you are entering the workforce. It can be overwhelming, but exciting as you transition into a new chapter of your life and start to determine where your future is really going. Nineteen can be frustrating as well because you are much closer to your twenties than teens and you feel that way too, but you’re technically just a teenager. 

6. 14

At 14, most kids are wrapping up their middle school experience and moving on to high school. This adjustment is one of the most stressful and least comfortable changes you go through. You lose the majority of your middle school friends, and you are now the bottom of the social ladder. You also are just starting to figure out who you are and may face challenges with individuality and sense of self. BUT 14 is not the worst because it also includes 8th grade. 8th grade, specifically the second half of 8th grade, you feel like the ruler of your school and feel very comfortable with the people you are surrounded by. Of course, that is about to end, but you don’t really recognize it while it is going on. Also everyone loves the eighth grade trip! 

7. 13

We disagreed on this one. 

Rosie: I think 13 is better than 14 because at 13 you are finally a teenager and you feel way cooler than all of the middle schoolers younger than you. You also get to just enjoy being around your friends without any real responsibilities. 

Jordan: I think 13 is worse than 14 because yes, the prospect of turning into a teenager is exciting but I think it’s a big let down. No one treats you like a teenager when you’re 13 and especially when you’re still in middle school. 


Since both of our birthdays are in the summer we experienced the same things at the same age, so we decided to ask our classmates their opinions to get some variety for this article:

” 18 is the best year.”

— Eli LeRoy

“ 18 is the best year” – Eli Leroy (18)


“ 18 is when you can get your license and everything becomes legal. You fully have all your freedom. But I don’t really know. I haven’t been 18 in Sweden.”- Christian Axenborg (18)


“ 13 is the worst year because in general eighth grade was terrible. And your feet are bigger than they should be.”- Susannah Ryan  (17)


“ 15 is the worst year because you’re so close but you’re not really a full highschooler but you almost are. Like you’re almost a full person but not yet.”- Ella Lesesne (17)


“17 is the only good prime number from 0-18 other than 2” – Lanie Berrigan (17)


“17 is the best age because it’s in all the songs and you’re old enough to do stuff on your own while still being a kid. 13 is the worst because everyone comments on how you’re a teenager now.” – Piper Monk (18)