What To Wear, What To Wear?

I Wore the Same Clothing for A Week, Here’s What Happened



I would like to begin by saying: I actually practically already did this before beginning my experiment. I don’t necessarily wear the same outfit every day, but I only rotate through about 7 outfits so the likelihood of me wearing a similar outfit every day is about 94%…

Lily O
My outfit for the week… Also, I blame Lily O for telling me I didn’t have to retake this photo 🙁

In fact, I don’t use my closet whatsoever. The clothing I wear sits in my laundry basket; I have a system: wear my clean clothing, when it gets dirty put it into the basket, when it’s all dirty, wash it, then grab the clean clothing out of the basket as I need it and when it’s empty, put the dirty clothes in and wash it—and repeat. I actually had to shop in order to fulfill this experiment. I figured, if I wanted to see if people would notice me wearing the same thing every day, I would have to wear something that I don’t already wear every day. So, I went to my local clothing store and bought an entire outfit (pants, shirt, belt, and jacket (pfft, you think I can afford shoes) (I’m NOT wearing the same underwear and socks every day—spoiler alert)), and proceeded to wear it to school the next day and for the rest of the week. Here’s how it went:

Day 1:

  • Well, Elizabeth Moise noticed it was a new outfit—she’s a real one
  • No suspicions, considering it’s the first day of me wearing it… 

Day 2:

  • So, I wore a different pair of shoes, completely by accident, and Elizabeth thought it was a game to see what I changed each day—told you she was a real one—I then explained to her I was wearing the same outfit every day for an article, she was like “k.”
  • No one else noticed… let’s chalk that up to it being a B-day.

Day 3:

  • LOL, so I came to school late because my clothing was still in the dryer, it was actually hilarious ‘cuz I said to my mom, “I need to go to school late; my clothing is still in the dryer,” and she didn’t question it one bit. She didn’t even suggest I wear something else, she was just like “OK, I’ll write you a note.”
  • I wore different shoes again, Elizabeth noticed again. 
  • I’m starting to think that either no one is noticing, or they notice but don’t care… I’m not sure yet.
  • I started to ask people questions about my outfit in an attempt to elicit reactions, but no one is taking the bait.

Day 4:

  • So, yet again, no one noticed (except Elizabeth). I ended up telling people about it and they’d be like “NO WAY!” but, honestly, I think no one noticed whatsoever.
  • This is probably because I also made a point of just kind of “being there” instead of being outspoken or necessarily noticeable…


  • I asked my newspaper class and NO ONE NOTICED AT ALL
  • Well, catch me wearing the same thing for the rest of the year then… 

So, all in all, I guess this did teach us something: if you wear the same outfit more than once, no one will notice. I’d love to expand this into some kind of deep-dive into gender roles and if a girl could have gotten away with doing what I did, but, frankly, I think clothing is just some fabric that keeps you warm and makes you happy; whether you’re chilling with the same outfit every day or you never wear the same thing twice (somewhat wasteful, not gonna lie), you do you am I right?