Here’s The Scoop, Part 2

The Best Ice Cream in Charleston Part 2

Ye Ole Fashioned in West Ashley

Ye Ole Fashioned in West Ashley

For the second installment of our highly requested ice cream reviews, we visited Ye Ole Fashioned Ice Cream and Sandwich Cafe in West Ashley to review their low-country famous ice cream. Without further ado, here’s the review:

Emily and her Rainbow Sherbet


The shop, or should we say, “shoppe,” embodies the “ole fashioned” diner atmosphere. The layout and the seating can almost transport you back decades. There’s even counter-seating that legitimately feels like you can hear Welcome to the Sixties playing in the background. In addition, the gumball machine and bouncy ball machine towards the entrance add a bit of a fun-ness to it. However, along with the old-fashioned feel, there was some old-fashioned mess. It’s not overtly messy, or even close to disgusting, although it’s the kind of place that looks like it would be sticky—it isn’t sticky, but it looks like it should be. That being said, the cleanliness does not affect the experience. Even though it could be cleaner, we definitely had a blast when we were dining there. There’s also a drive-thru on the side, however the parking lot, and the surrounding location is possibly the worst place ever. We hold the opinion that the property that Ye Ole Fashioned in West Ashley rests on is actually a piece of hell that found its way to Earth. Parking is a nightmare, and don’t even get us started on the fact that its location on Savannah Highway is practically null if it’s within ±2 hours of rush hour. Otherwise, pretty good 🙂

Stephanie and her Lemon Cheesecake


Selection and Taste:

Ye Ole Fashioned has a large selection of flavors to pick from. They have two cases of flavors ranging from Banana Pudding to White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. They have options that satisfy anyone’s tastes. I (Emily) got rainbow sherbet, which tastes amazing and showcases the diversity of their flavors options. Stephanie Lomeli (who was a guest on our outing) got the lemon cheesecake. She says, “I liked the crunch part a lot, but I think it had too much of the balls you get in cookie dough ice cream.” She says that when she finished eating there was just a bunch of those pieces in the bottom of her cup. But she ranks the lemon flavor “5/5”. While Elan opted for their two different flavors in one cup option. He chose a blue monster and birthday cake. He planned to get a superman shake but alas, he forgot. That is another thing that should be mentioned, any of their ice cream flavors can be made into a shake. As for the quality, their ice cream is smooth and rich in flavor. There are no chunks unless due to the presence of the add-ons in it. The flavor is present and potent, though not overwhelmingly so. I would have to say they definitely exceeded my expectations.



Now, honestly, pricing, so worth it. A small is about $4… seems pricey, yeah? No. A “small” consists of like 4 scoops and you can get like 2 different flavors. Dude. That’s a lot. Also, I (Elan) would like to note, that as I write this, my mouth is watering and I am considering leaving school for a bit to get some ice cream from Ye Ole Fashioned. Wow. But, yeah, check prices online, ‘cuz  can’t focus anymore.


Final Thoughts:

Elan: Ok, so. Really good. I still plan to go to Marble Slab every Monday, but I need to somehow add Ye Ole Fashioned to my schedule ‘cuz that stuff slaps. I will always tell you, my favorite flavor of ice cream is birthday cake with actual chunks of cake in it… and Ye Ole Fashioned is one of the few places that still serves that! What’s my other favorite flavor? Superman. Guess who also has that. Yeah. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. My mouth is watering!!!!! AHHHHHHH! They also had a cookie monster flavor (blue cookies and cream ice cream with cookie dough), which I also happen to be partial to. Huge fan. But it did dye my mouth for a bit. That wasn’t so great. But hey. Whatever, amiright?

Elan’s mouth turned blue immediately after tasting his Blue Monster.

Emily: I have always loved Ye Ole Fashioned, and I’ve been going there since I was a kid. I still stand by them for having great flavors and an overall welcoming atmosphere. So yeah, I do think Ye Ole Fashioned is pretty great. However, the way the payment is set up is awkward and slightly annoying. There is a cash register right in between the two ice cream cases…that they NEVER use. Instead they ask for your card at the cases and then take you down to the counter where you order food. You pay there which is so weird and out of the way if you ask me. Not to mention that the whole area from the cases to the counter is fairly narrow so you find yourself trying to navigate around people. Not so great if you are a claustrophobe such as myself. Let me get off my soapbox real quick. Okay so yeah, overall would recommend but I am not sure it will come out at the top of my list :/

Join us for our next installment after winter break! We still have quite a few places on the list, and if you know of any great ice cream shops in CHS/want to come with us next time (we promise, even if we’ve never met, we’d be glad to grab ice cream with you), feel free to email us at either or See ya later!