Meet the Student Government

Know your reps!!

Magnet’s executive council plans all activities at school except the four As: admissions, academics, administration and athletics. The council is guided by the sage advice of Dr. Altman and Mrs. Lankford, as they navigate the shark infested waters of high school politics. Keep reading to meet your officers!

They are the foundation of our school, I guess

— Sophia Discolo

Freshman President: Jeffrey Song

The only freshman on council, this first year Magneteer joined the ranks of AMHS stuco in the freshmen elections this past September. Boasting strong organization on his wall with the nefarious “Freshmen Club,” Jeffrey may be the first to overcome this notoriously disastrous position with aplomb.

Jeffrey with his “sarcastic smile”

Sophomore President: Taryn Crowley

Another promising newcomer, Taryn has been able to overcome any turbulence with ease and enthusiasm. Taryn cares deeply about her grade, and it shows, as she always doing bake sales and on the front lines cheering for her classmates. As a sophomore, Taryn will hopefully continue her involvement in the council for years to come.

Taryn as a frat boy

Junior President: Disha Qanungo

The Key Club lieutenant governor and cheer team captain, Disha is booked and busy. Defeated in the sophomore class presidential race, Disha won the junior class presidency with a vengeance, and has worked to improve the quality of life in her grade since. Disha says she “hasn’t done anything monumental yet,” but I am sure she is planning some exciting stuff for later!

Disha also as a frat boy

Senior President: Will Schnell

Will is one of the most well known seniors, and he is also a member of the football and soccer teams. Will has gained notoriety from his many shenanigans, but don’t let that fool you because he is by far one of the kindest people in the grade. I interviewed his girlfriend, Emma Brocqusault, who said “Will has been working very hard, and he is excited for what’s in store this year.” I agree Emma!

Will giving us his signature Bluesteel

Historian Chair: Sloane Stoklosa

As the historian chair, Sloane is in charge of the scrapbook, which she presents to the South Carolina Association of Student Councils (SCASC) at the end of the year for our council ranking. Sloane says “I have made a scrapbook every school year and every summer, so I’ve got you covered.” Sloane definitely does have us covered with that experience, and she is also the face behind the @amhsstuco Instagram account for anyone who slides into those DMs. Sloane is the founder and president of Young Republicans as well and was recently on 94.3 WSC talking about her involvement!

Sloane (right) with BFF Donald

Service Chair: Lily O

One of the four returnees to council, Lily served last year as the sophomore class prezy, and is now the service chair. She chaired her first blood drive last September, and as Dr. Altman would say, it was un succès fou. Lily is one of the most hardworking and organized individuals I know, and the council is lucky to have her.

Lily with that fresh fit

Treasurer: Mia Di Paolo

Serving her second term as treasurer, Mia is back and better than ever. Founder of dozens of clubs, Mia dabbles in every corner of Magnet life, while also being a star softball player. Mia is a great chef, and runs a food Instagram account called with over three thousand followers. She is the Gordon Ramsay of Magnet.

Mia thinking about all of the free food she gets from her Instagram deals

Secretary: Emma Heeke

Click clack. Click clack. That is the noise of Emma Heeke power walking through the halls on a mission for you! The only thing higher than Emma’s heels is her drive to improve Magnet. As the secretary, Emma keeps all records and minutes of council meetings and Emma is a member of the academic team, as well.

Emma channeling her inner Sandy

Vice President: Mason Leath

Serving as sophomore class secretary and then as the service chair, this year Mason is focused on planning the winter semiformal dance on February 22nd. Something interesting about Mason is that he wants to have a sanctuary farm when he gets older, and he is also the one writing about himself in third person.

Me trying to finish this article before the sun rises

President: Davis Leath

Davis began his political career sophomore year as the class president. He then served as the student body vice president his junior year, and now he serves as the president. Planning one of the best underclassmen walls, his viking theme only came half a point shy of beating the seniors in 2018. Known for his vast sneaker collection, Davis can be spotted sporting a multitude of iconic shoes, such as Air Jordan 1’s or Off-White Converses.

Selfie God

Don’t forget I’m the largest member at large!

— Will Jordan