Meet the Talon Staff!

This staff is overpowering!

New year, new Talon staff! Keep reading to meet everyone!!!!


Andrew de Arellano

Hey I’m Andrew, I’m a senior this year and I’m on the cross country team. I’m excited to write for the Talon this year and give y’all the most entertaining news possible. My likes include my dog, my friends, food, and taking phat naps. You can always catch me at Goodwill on the weekends popin’ tags and coppin’ heat, and if I’m not there I’m probably watching Friends alone, shout out to my queen Jennifer. Other than that I hope to have a great year with the Talon.






Bailey Hillen

What’s beat-boppin y’all. So…how would I describe myself? Chunky yet funky. Also sassy, classy, and a little smart-you-know-what-y. Don’t get on my bad side. I will put you on my list. When I am dead, I will come back to haunt you and probably move some furniture around or flicker the lights, who knows. I stay in shape thanks to latin-fusion zumba and my strict diet of pizza Lunchables and Red Bull. If you are above six foot and are planning to go to med school, hmu. I like long walks on the beach and romantic, candle-lit dinners at expensive restaurants. In my free time, I like to hunt for bigfoot and leprechauns. Hope you read and enjoy my work here on the Talon.


Caroline Hyde

Heyyyyyyy girls. I’m Caroline and I’m a senior. Every morning, I wake up to the Downtown Abbey theme song. Then, I arrive promptly to school on time at 9:00 a.m. My spirit animal? Kenny the tiger. My greatest heroes? Raini Rodriguez and Borat. Favorite cartoon character? Moto Moto. Biggest regret freshman year? Getting stuck in a locker. If I’m not found listening to LMFAO or Britney Spears, then I am busy exercising with Coach Williams. Three words to describe myself: spastic, emo, and delicious. That is all. Thank you.





Clara Cullum

I would describe my reporting style as a mix between the research skills of Nardwuar with the writing skills of the Chickfila cow. Driving laws are fascist. Ice cream truck? Never heard of her.






Elan Levine

Привет! I’m Elan Levine (Eeh-lahn Luh-veen). This year, I am a senior, although you may have known me as a junior last year. I’m really only in Newspaper because that’s what Superman did, but if anyone asks, it’s because I love news and want to study print journalism in college. If I’m not following a story with a legal pad and a telephoto camera, you may find me watching Netflix… because I don’t do much else aside from procrastination… have a good day!




Ella Lesesne

Hey raptors!! My name is Ella Lesesne and I’m a senior and super excited to be a writer for the talon this year. In my free time you can find me eating some good food, hanging out with friends, or playing wii mario kart. My favorite pastime is putting potato chips in between my sandwich bread or walking my dogs. If y’all ever need to find me, just find Simone and I’ll probably be there. Can’t wait for a great 2019-2020 school year! GOOO RAPTORS



Eli LeRoy

Hey! I’m Eli LeRoy, a senior and first year staff member on the Talon. When I’m not watching movies or hanging out with my friends, I’m most likely playing guitar or banjo. Throughout all of that though, I’m obsessively listening to all genres of music (280,000 minutes last year).  I’m not funny, but I still love to tell terrible dad jokes no matter how many times I’m told to stop.



Emily Furtick

Hey guys…ummmm…soooo…I have no idea what I should say about myself. I am a tad bit awkward and let’s just say an *acquired taste*. I am 17, though I look like a twelve year-old boy, but we love that for me. I am very sarcastic and I appear standoffish but when you get to know me you will realize that that is absolutely true. I DO NOT exercise, period, and the majority of my free time is spent watching dumb YouTube videos and telenovelas. I love to write poetry and procrastinate on my work. Um, yeah, I have nothing else to say soooo…peace.



Davis Leath

Greetings, Raptor Nation. My name is Davis Leath, and I’m a senior this year (somehow). If I’m not working on a student council project, you can find me sailing in Charleston harbor or buying a new pair of sneakers. I also love eating food and meeting new people. Come say hell0!!




Emory Gardner

My name is Emory Gardner and I have a secret. I’ll tell you if you promise not to tell anyone… You won’t, okay I’ll trust you. My secret is that there are two sides to me. One is me, Emory, the one writing this. This other goes by many names… but I prefer not to get anymore specific being as we just met. O no! I feel her com




Jack Levenson

Jack Levenson is a current senior at Academic Mag- oh wait, that’s me! (Classic comedy, I know). Anyways, I’m Jack and I’m pumped to be able to be a part of the AMHS Newspaper this year. Some cool stuff I’m interested in includes swimming (for Magnet, obviously), as well as talking (a lot) and watching good movies. Christopher Nolan is also probably the best director out there, which is unrelated to my bio but still something y’all should most definitely know. Regardless, I’m excited to hopefully provide some juicy stories for you guys to read and hopefully meet some new faces along the way!






Josephine Drake

Hi, my name is Josephine and I’m (finally) a senior. My interests and hobbies outside of school include playing tennis, going to the occasional spin class, making jewelry, and watching reality TV. I played the piano for ten years then quit, but I still like to tell people that I play anyway. I’m very excited to be a member of The Talon staff this school year!



Kaki Cobb

Hey y’all!!! My name is Kaki and I’m a senior, even though I look like I’m 15. I enjoy getting to school at 8:29 every morning and listening to country music. You will usually see me in Nike shorts and a tshirt, unless I’m trying to ~spice it up~ because #senioryearyolo. While my soccer career has ended, you can catch me at the beach, sleeping, or lounging around with my dog, Elliot.



Katherine Ray

Hello, my name is Katherine Ray and I am currently a senior at the NUMBER ONE SCHOOL IN THE NATION (THE academic magnet). I am so excited to be a part of The Talon this year and to share all of my innermost beliefs with you all. I have a wide variety of interests and I can’t wait to use this as a platform to explore them all during school hours. Take a look at my portfolio and discover the me that we’ve all been protecting ourselves from…






Mason Leath

Hello raptor nation! My name is Mason, but most people just refer to me as ~the International Man of Mystery.~ I plan to use lots of clickbait this year to raise my viewer numbers, so do not be surprised if my article titles are misleading hehe. One day I plan to stop Big Pharma and run my own farm sanctuary, but right now I am just looking forward to a crunk year with the rest of my struggling seniors. Follow my insta @masonleath (I’ll follow you back) and DM me with all the hottest goss, so I can fully achieve my potential as a good, old fashioned muckraking journalist.





Rosie Booker

Hi!! I’m Rosie and I’m a senior this year. I’m a cancer sun, taurus moon and cancer rising (I don´t like taurus, though). I love politics, music, dance and pop culture. I joined newspaper so I could write about things that I find entertaining. I plan on writing 17 articles each month about babies. I’m the person who has the pink metallic light up heelys.



Simone Kavarana

Greetings Raptors, my name is Simone and I’m elated to be writing for the Talon this year. It’s my fourth year swimming for AMHS, and I’m captain of the girls team this year. My favorite snack is goldfish (all flavors), and the best cereal is Lucky Charms (don’t try to argue with me about it). I have a golden retriever mix named Oliver. He’s a real light in my life. If you ever need to find me, come to the first building, third floor, eleventh locker down; I’ll be there.



Sloane Stoklosa

Hey Raptors this is Sloane excited to bring you the most intriguing news roaming the halls.  If I’m not playing golf or at church, you can most likely jamming out to Panic! At the Disco. I’m excited to be writing for you and bringing you only the truth, just like FOX News 🙂



Susannah Ryan

Hey, I’m Susannah (not Savannah), a senior. When I’m not at school, I spend my time playing basketball and watching The Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise. I like golden retrievers, alpacas, the color orange, Mediterranean food, indoor cycling, and the beach. I live in Hollywood… but not the one in California. I’m excited to be apart of the Talon staff this year!


Will Jordan

What’s up Raptors? My name is Will and I’m a senior. This is my fourth year playing lacrosse and I look forward to being a part the AMHS Newspaper. When I’m not at school you can find me on the boat and don’t forget to follow me on insta @lil_cynth_.  I swallowed a tack once. This is my story.







William Kronsberg

What up, I’m William Kronsberg aka Will or just Kronsberg. Welcome to my youtube channel! Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe. I’m a senior dedicated to serving Academic Magnet in almost any way possible. Do I play sports? No, not even close. But, I am the announcer for the baseball team. I have a rather unknown brother, Zach, who held the presidency of a certain number one high school. Besides chillin’ with him, I spend most of my time watching sports and researching politics. Oh, and doing school work, LOTS OF SCHOOL WORK!



Jordan Thomas

Hi I’m Jordan and my brother’s name is Michael and my parents did not do that on purpose. Yes, we both play basketball. I have an affinity for reality tv, marvel movies, and faulty air conditioning fans on school busses. I am also a gemini sun and rising and believe that gemini is the best zodiac sign. My moon sign is sagittarius and I think it is second best. I am obviously incredibly humble.