TV Shows I 100% Recommend

TV shows I think people would like.

Do you ever just finish a TV series and now you don’t know what to do? Do you just browse through, looking for something that is worth your time? Are you bored of watching the same thing over and over again? Here are a few shows that I think are worth giving a chance.


I’ve been watching this show way before it came on Netflix. I absolutely adore it. I personally find Lucifer Morningstar, the main character, very endearing and hilarious. He abandons Hell for Los Angeles. He’s the owner of a nightclub named Lux. Lucifer is bored with his life in Hell, which is why he leaves Hell. Following him out of Hell is Mazikeen, also known as Maze. She’s truthfully an enigma. Maze’s honest and loyal to Lucifer. She also can be pretty humorous without trying. She gives off the whole bad girl vibes but she’s amazing. Although she’s a minor character, she plays a major role in Lucifer’s life, especially because she helps him constantly, whether it’s bartending at the night club, being a bodyguard, or saving his life…literally. Another character I like is Chloe Decker, who eventually made Lucifer her partner-in-crime basically. Lucifer and Chloe met in the first episode of the first season when a woman that Lucifer knew was murdered near his club. This show is basically a crime-supernatural show and if you like both those things, I think you’d enjoy it. (Available to stream on Netflix)

Good Trouble

Listen, I absolutely love this show. Good Trouble is a spin-off of the Fosters, following Callie and Mariana in their adventure to adulthood. Both Callie and Mariana move to Los Angeles to pursue their dream careers. However, they realize that there are struggles in their job, Mariana dealing with a male-dominate tech world and Callie realizing that the legal system is not that simple. This show really gives people an eye-opener to topics that should be talked about, such as the wage gap between women and men, the unfair treatment towards transgenders, and even body confidence. I think that people should really give this show a shot even if their opinions are different from the show’s. It’s really good to hear about other perspectives and not just believe that your own opinion is the only opinion that’s valid. (Available to stream on Hulu and Freeform)

It’s really good to hear about other perspectives and not just believe that your own opinion is the only opinion that’s valid. ”

The Bold Type

I just started watching this show about 3 weeks ago and I can say that I genuinely enjoy it. This show was actually inspired by the life of former Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief, Joanna Coles. It’s about three girls, Sutton, Jane, and Kat, who all work for a global women’s magazine, Scarlet. They all explore their lives in New York City as they discover their voices, identities, sexuality, and even their love for fashion. I can’t say much about this show yet because I’m still on season one but I believe this show is another eye-opener. (Available to stream on Hulu and Freeform)


A spin-off to black-ish, grown-ish focuses on the eldest daughter of the Johnsons’, Zoey, on her journey to college and adulthood. This show is pretty comical but also discusses serious topics, such as sexual assault on campus. Zoey and her friend group that she met in a midnight class, except one girl named Ana, all go through the hardships of college life. For instance, the twins, Jaz and Sky, go through the fact that they are on a track scholarship and cannot do anything to mess it up. They also have to put up with a strict father, who Jaz defies to try to maintain an image like an all-known female basketball player to gain more popularity.  They also go through struggles in their friendship because one or the other did something that the other didn’t like. I like this show because it definitely demonstrates how people should have serious conversations about topics and also the meaning of friendship. It definitely gives a huge meaning to friendship, how sticking together helps one another. (Available on Hulu and Freeform)

Deadly Class

This show honestly kind of confused me at first. Especially because the first episode was just basically a comic book. Anyways, Deadly Class is based off a graphic novel by the same name about a disillusioned, homeless teenage boy named Marcus who is recruited to join Kings Dominion, a secret school for the Deadly Arts (anything involving self-defense against any harm but used for murder tactics). This story is set in the unsanitized 1980’s counterculture. Yes, those vibes are there and you’ll see that by how some of the characters act and look and how their lives are. Marcus, as a character, really makes me angry sometimes because he’s so negative about everything in life. However, there are times where I laugh because he just does something really dumb. This show is vulgar, mainly because Marcus curses the whole dang world half the time, and there are parts to it where you just want to hurl (so if you’re extremely squeamish and sensitive, I don’t suggest this for you) but all-in-all it’s pretty good. There are other characters such as Saya (played by Lana Condor), who is just so freaking impressive and tough. I love Saya, even though she also does things that make me really question her. (Available on Syfy)


If you did not like Vampire Diaries or The Originals, then this show probably isn’t for you. Legacies is the spin-off to the Originals and Vampire Diaries, focusing on Hope Mikaelson, Klaus Mikaelson’s daughter, and the new generation of the Originals and Vampire Diaries. Her home is the Salvatore School for Young and Gifted, where witches, vampires, and werewolves of all ages reside. They all attempt to find their path to good and be themselves without having to live in fear of scaring their loved ones. There are also characters who attempt to discover their identities and their purpose in life. That’s not all the show is about though. There is this place called Malivore, which is basically a bottomless pit where people get tossed in and are automatically forgotten about. However, with the right artifacts, Malivore can become whole again (not really going to explain that because it’d spoil some things). The only problem with retrieving those artifacts is that Malivore cannot move so it sends ancient creatures that were only supposed to exist in books to retrieve these artifacts. This causes chaos in the Salvatore School because they are to maintain balance. However, they did not even know that this place existed until an artifact from their school was stolen. I really like this show because it kept me guessing. There was always something new that I tried to figure out. I haven’t had the chance to watch the Originals but I have read and watched the Vampire Diaries. Both Legacies and Vampire Diaries are kind of similar in a sense that there is a supernatural world, but there’s more to Legacies than just witches, vampires, and werewolves. (Available on The CW and Netflix)


This last TV show I recommend is based off the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. If you haven’t read the books, they’re actually really good even though they are very THICK. Basically, it is about a girl named Clarissa Fairchild (aka Clary) whose mother disappears the night of her 18th and she starts to find out who she truly is by discovering her past to determine what her future could hold. The whole 3 seasons has an occurring them of self-discovery and what family really means. I can’t really say much about this series because all of the seasons are different in a sense of their type of adventure and the topic. This show is indeed a supernatural show involving demons, angels, fairies (also known as Seelies), werewolves, vampires, and war locks. I genuinely like this show because it honestly follows the book more closely. There is actually a movie based on the Mortal Instruments series and personally, I didn’t really enjoy it. At least, not as much as this show. The movie seemed too rushed to me while the show definitely processes and develops the relationships at a much slower rate. Plus, I think the actors and actresses in this TV show are much more fitting than the movie. (Available on Freeform and Hulu) (Not sure if it’s on Netflix)

These are all my recommendations and I hope you considered at least one of these shows. If not, that’s totally fine, too. You can always try to search for shows similar to your favorites online by searching “show similar to (name of the show)”.