First Friday: A SOA and AMHS Joint Event

A Monthly Talent Show


First Friday is a new event created by the SOA Student Improvement Committee. On the first Friday of every month, starting with March 1st, from 4-6 pm, there will be an open mic night in the Judith Peterson Lecture hall. It is open for students from Magnet and SOA as well as teachers who want to perform any of their talents.

The goal of the event is for students to show off any talent that is outside of the focus of their studies as well as to allow for student-led collaboration between the schools. Acts can vary from musical performances to stand-up comedy, but any talent is welcome as long as it can be performed on a stage. Acts should be limited to a few minutes.

The MCs of the event will be John Knoblauch of SOA and Emory Gardner of AMHS. This event will be completely free and refreshments will be provided. Anyone interested should sign-up at the poster in the hall outside of the lecture hall. Already Mr. Grimshaw and Mr. Phillips have signed up for acts.