November Playlist

Music to listen to in autumn

Autumn Playlist

Laika by Wil Wagner (2013)
  • Laika by Wil Wagner

Wil Wagner, from the Australian music group The Smith Street Band, beautifully narrates the heartwrenching tale of Laika, the first dog to ever travel into outer space. Laika, previously known as Little Curly, was a stray taken off of the streets of Moscow and placed in the Soviet space craft Sputnik 2 where she died of overheating. The carefully crafted lyrics of this title track from Wagner’s 2013 indie alt album are sure to bring tears to your eyes.


Frank by Amy Winehouse

**** Me Pumps by Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse’s debut album Frank features an array of songs influenced by her soulful jazz background. The 4th track “**** Me Pumps”, written by Winehouse and producer Salaam Remi, contemplates the lives of stereotypical “gold-digging” girls often found running amok the British club scene in search of the ideal spouse.


Learning by My Morning Jacket
  • Tyrone (Cover) by My Morning Jacket

The band My Morning Jacket’s smooth indie cover of Erykah Badu’s catchy neo-soul song “Tyrone” is featured on the second album, Learning, of their Early Recordings album series.


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Country Was by The Avett Brothers
  • November Blue by the Avett Brothers

This song, from the Avett Brother’s 2002 album Country Was, is the perfect tune for chilly autumn evenings. The music group, formed by two brothers from Concord, NC, covers a variety of genres including country, bluegrass, folk, and indie rock, many of which can be heard in this song.


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Virtue by The Voidz
  • Pointlessness by the Voidz

Strokes fans — listen up. This dark, provoking song is from Julian Casablancas most recent band the Voidz. Their 2017 album Virtue features a variety of experimental rock songs, including Pointless, the final track on the album.


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Break Mirrors by Blake Mills
  • It’ll All Work Out by Blake Mills

Blake Mills is a producer, touring guitarist, and session musician who has worked with some of the biggest artists in the industry, such as Julian Casablancas, Dawes, John Legend, Weezer, Norah Jones, Pink, and Lana del Ray. His first record, Break Mirrors, was originally released to help him get more session work, but gained popularity and helped him to create a career as a solo artist as well.