Mornings with Magnet Students: Beau Dosher

Get ready with 12th grader Beau Dosher in the first of a series of articles on personal morning routines with students


“Pretty fly. Sauce. Flex on these boys.” From his 1969 Chevy C10 to his acclaimed Clout Playlist, senior student Beau Dosher clearly follows his mantra of staying paramount in all aspects of life, even when he gets ready for school. 

Groggily attempting to hit the snooze button while struggling to keep fluttering eyelids open  describes a typical teenager waking up on a school morning. For senior Beau Dosher, awaking from the cherished sleep that Magnet students crave isn’t as much of a burden for him as it is for others. Finding himself to actually be a morning person, Beau describes the process of getting ready for the day to be refreshing. His alarm rings at 6:30 AM, but similarly to most students, the time he actually rolls out of bed varies most of the time.

Dosher takes around 20 minutes to complete his morning routine and ends up leaving his house at 7:00. This short time period manages to fit in everything he needs to start his day. His routine wouldn’t be complete without a shower and normal morning preparations such as brushing his teeth, so he starts the day off with getting fresh.

Sometimes I johnny on the spot with it.

— Beau Dosher, about choosing an outfit for school

Not only does he like to keep his hygiene fresh, but his personal style needs to stay fresh as well. Beau, owner of the business known as ‘Sauce Hoss’, follows through with his image as distributor of trending clothing by making sure that his outfits stay on point. He occasionally puts thought into his outfits the night before, but he says that “sometimes I johnny on the spot with it,” most days. Above all, comfort and fashion are the two most important aspects of a typical Dosher outfit.

After getting dressed in clothing that assures that he’s “flexin”, Beau heads downstairs to finish up his morning activities at home. With all of his older siblings off at college, he mainly gets ready alone, but his yellow lab, Mason, keeps him company while he packs a lunch that consists of a sandwich, chips, fruit, and “a sweet somethin’ like a Little Debbie or Oreos.” Finally ready to leave, he grabs a homemade smoothie from his mom or gets into his truck and heads to his favorite breakfast place, Starbucks, to order a coffee and a coffee cake to eat on the go.

Driving from West Ashley, he takes 526 on his morning commute and actually deals with minimal traffic on his way to school. He firmly believes in the idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so a trip to Starbucks is vital to his survival at school. “I don’t like having restraints if I want to get food,” he says in regards to having anyone else in the car with him in the morning.

Riding solo, Beau enjoys his alone time in the morning. Since he’s able to control the song choice on his drive, the music of Action Bronson and cherished rapper Mac Miller fill the air of Beau’s Chevy C10. “I like chill vibes in the morning,” Dosher says, so these two artists often rise to the top of his playlist on his way to AMHS.

I like chill vibes in the morning.

— Beau Dosher

Arriving to school at around 8:10, Starbucks in hand, Beau Dosher finishes up his morning routine by entering the doors of Academic Magnet. Although he completes his getting-ready regimen in only 20 minutes, Beau still qualifies as a well-composed student in the morning. The owner of Sauce Hoss definitely lives up to his name even while preparing for a busy day ahead as a senior in high school.