The Future is Here!

Ronald Acuna, Ozzie Albies, and Mike Soroka are three exciting reasons for Braves fans to be optimistic about the future.


Acuna and Albies on their way to a 2018 spring training game

Nate Shirley, Staff Writer

For Braves fans used to the dominance of star-studded rosters filled with greats such as Greg Maddux, John Smoltz, and Chipper Jones, the past few seasons have been hard to watch. Even with the superstar power of Freddie Freeman, defensive heroics of Ender Inciarte, and consistently solid numbers put up by ace Julio Teheran, the Braves have not been able to win many games. The front office has been consistently telling fans to be patient and that they have several future stars in the farm system. Finally, after the long arduous years of waiting, the Braves are here to compete and have started off the season very successfully. Currently 19-11, the Atlanta Braves are in clear control of the NL East division.  While some of that can be attributed to the improvement of Dansby Swanson and the hot bat of Nick Markakis, this newfound success has been powered by Atlanta’s three star rookies. The future of the Atlanta Braves is here in the form of outfielder Ronald Acuna Jr. starting pitcher Mike Soroka, and second baseman Ozzie Albies.

Coming into the season, Ronald Acuna Jr. was ranked the top prospect in the entire Major League farm system. Now, after his recent call up to the Majors, Acuna taking the league by storm. In the eight short games he has been in the Majors, Acuna has hit two home runs, had five RBI’s, and is hitting .382.  He has been lethal at the plate for the Braves in his short time and looks to be a staple in their lineup for a long time. So far he has lived up to all the hype surrounding his call up, and will look to continue his success. He will be a legitimate contender for the National League rookie of the year, with his only competitor so far being his teammate Ozzie Albies, who will be mentioned later in this article.

The future of the Atlanta Braves is here in the form of outfielder Ronald Acuna Jr. starting pitcher Mike Soroka, and second baseman Ozzie Albies.

The first of several top pitching prospects in the Atlanta farm system, Mike Soroka gives Braves fans hope of a future rotation comparable to that of the lethal Maddux-Smoltz-Glavine-Hudson rotation that brought so much success to the ATL. His first Major League start came on May 1st and he was spectacular. He finished the night with six solid innings that included 5 strikeouts, no walks, and a lone earned run in an outing that earned him the first win of his Major League career. He will look to work his way into the Braves rotation and be a key addition to Teheran and Newcomb as the front office looks to build a rotation for the future.

The aforementioned competitor to Acuna in the NL rookie of the year race has been arguably the most influential player out of these three in the Braves hot start this season. Albies earned the starting second-base position during spring training and has been stroking the ball lately. So far he has been hitting with a solid average of .280, but what has been special has been the incredible power he has shown, especially considering he is a 5 foot 8 inch tall 21 year old. He currently has 10 home runs to go along with his 23 RBI’s. Albies bat has been key to the monstrous offensive start the Braves have had and will look to lock down the middle of the infield alongside Dansby Swanson.

The future is bright for the Braves that is a fact. These prospects have had hot starts and the potential for stardom of all three of these players has the Braves’ front office jumping for joy. The scariest part about the Braves hot start is that they still have multiple high caliber prospects still in the minors such as starting pitcher Kyle Wright and third baseman Austin Reilly. The league has taken notice. The Braves are back!