HQ-The Live Trivia Game Sweeping the Nation


Picture this; It is a Monday afternoon in your least favorite class, and the teacher is boring you to death. All of a sudden you hear a collection of buzzes, vibrations, and jingles. The entire class pulls out their phones, staring at the same, titillating notification. Instantaneously, dozens of hands shoot into the sky and every student suddenly has to pee. Once you convince the teacher you really, really, really have to go and make your way into the hallway, you see that the hallway is lined with tens of other prospective geniuses, prepared to answer any question thrown their way. You check your phone, and see this face.


HQ is a revolutionary trivia app currently sweeping the nation. Its surge has been quick and powerful, and it seems as though it has completely taken over everybody’s lives. This article hopes to give you enough information so that you may gain the ambition to compete and work for the bragging rights, and money, which comes with winning.

How to play:

First you will be prompted to make an account. You will type your phone number to receive a code in which will activate your account. Next you will choose a username, for example we used Jhniesse and Tmcnerney. These usernames can be sent to other players for them to insert as a code to reward you with an extra life, which can be immensely helpful. Once you have an account, all you have to do is wait until 3 or 9 pm. Make sure you are ready to play at 3 or 9 because you automatically get placed into the game once it starts. After you are in, a man named Scott begins to speak and he will then explain that there is a series of 12 multiple choice questions. You have ten seconds to answer each question. In order to win some of the prize which ranges from 1000 to 10000 dollars you have to answer all 12 questions correct. When you win, the money goes into a paypal account of your choice. 

The game is that simple. 12 questions can end with a solid pocketful of cash. So, lets get down to the nitty gritty and get this show on the road.