Top 5 Ted Talks

When I am bored or in a Netflix rut, I like to browse the expansive world of Youtube. During my Youtube tangents, I enjoy watching videos that range from blindfolded taste test to inspirational Ted Talks. This article is filled with some of the best videos that I have found! I highly recommend watching them if you have an innate curiosity for the world or if you are just mind numbingly bored.

Funny “The Agony of Trying to Unsubscribe”

If you need to relieve yourself from the pending pressures of life, take 7 minutes to watch this hilarious Ted Talk. James Veitch is truly something else. His unique perspective on life will have you scheming new ways to make life more exciting. There were points in this video that had my laughing as hard as I do when watching a marathon of America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Inspirational “Trying Something New for 30 Days”

Have you ever wanted to try a new hobby, learn a new skill, or take on a challenge but became distracted from the realities of school, family, and maintaining a social life? This video will help you not only actualize those goals but also help you set a plan to put your ideas into motion!


Life Hacks “How to Magically Connect with Anyone”

As I prepare for my college journey, I have realized the importance of being able to have a conversation with anyone. Whether it be a for an interview with an Admissions officer or a conversation with a new friend, being able to connect with anyone is crucial. Brian Miller not only is an amazing magician put he also has a great message that is definitely worth hearing.

Past “The History of African-American social dance”

Watch me wip, watch me nae-nae-– ever wonder where the dances that inundate memes of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter originated from? Watch the dances that have changed the social scene throughout the decades.

Future “Draw Your Future”

What do you want to be when you grow up? Patti Dobrowolski will help you make a road map for change. Use this method to make a plan for thesis, college planning, or just life. Not only will you be transforming your life, but you will also be activating both sides of your brain, releasing serotonin, and practically reviewing for the AP Pysch Exam.