Foreign Exchange Students of the Week!


Meet Michal Pokorny, a foreign exchange student from Slovakia, and Manuel Gasper, a foreign exchange student from Portugal!!

What were you most looking forward to coming to US and why did you become an exchange student?

Pokorny: I was looking forward to the new culture, meeting new people, and making new friends.

Gasper: I was looking forward to a new life, new experience, and a change in routine.

Was your top choice US?

Pokorny: Yes!

Gasper: Yes!

What sports did you play and what do you want to play here?

Pokorny: I played soccer in Slovakia and am hoping to play basketball.

Gasper: I played soccer and hope to play it here as well.

What was your first impression of Magnet?

Pokorny: That everyone likes to study.

Gasper: It’s a different school but it seems like a stereotypical US school.

What is your favorite American food?

Pokorny: Everything fried.

Gasper: Pizza.

What is the most different thing about the US?

Pokorny: Everybody’s smiling and kind.

Gasper: The food.

What do you miss the most?

Pokorny: The food.

Gasper: The food, weather, and my family.

Describe your family back home.

Pokorny: I have one younger sister, two parents, and I have one dog, a Weimaraner named Eli.

Gasper: I have one sister who is 19 and in college in North Carolina and two parents. I had two exchange students live with me in Portugal. They are all very open minded. I have no pets.

Describe your family in the US.

Pokorny: I have two parents, no siblings, and live in the same home as Imma, a foreign exchange student last year.

Gasper: Here I have two parents as well and two brothers. I am the oldest in this family and staying with Parker LeClerc.

Interesting fact?

Pokorny: I love sports and my favorite sport here is American football because it’s big here. I wanted to play but I tore my ACL so now I can’t.

Gasper: I’m shy.