Top NBA Draft Prospects

Top NBA Draft Prospects

Capers Borders, Staff Writer

This years draft class is one of the most talented the NBA has ever seen. From guards to power forwards NBA teams are drooling at the talent coming to the league. The 2017 class is full of unique and new talent that will certainly spice up the NBA for the 2017-2018 season. Down below we have the best of the best in this years draft class, and what you need to know about them.

Lonzo Ball- Ball has perhaps the best court vision and deep accuracy in college basketball, but there is some concern over his funky shooting motion, which he says works for him. Lonzo has been surrounded by drama on and off the court this year. After multiple comments made by his farther Lavar, many NBA players are looking forward to going at him. With his talent and versatility he should be able to adapt his game to the NBA level; however, he could be in for a rude awakening before he sees success in the league.

Da’Aron Fox- Fox is one of the most athletic, gifted scoring guards in the draft, but shooting (24% from three) could be a drawback to some teams. Similar to Westbrook, Fox is a pure scorer and is dangerous on the fast break. However struggling from range could raise the eyebrows of teams looking for a perimeter threat in the PG position. His vision and ability to score make him an enticing choice for teams looking to add a versatile player while taking a small risk. It is likely we see him go to Kings or the Pelicans.

Malik Monk- Monk has the typical make-up of an NBA gunner: when he’s hot, he can single-handedly win games. But as Espn notes, when he’s not, scouts worry he’s one-dimensional and can frustrate John Calipari. His ability to heat up and change a game is very unique and gives him the ”it” factor NBA coaches will be looking for. If he is able to adapt his game and become just as good of a passer as a scorer, he will be dangerous in the league.

Markelle Fultz- Despite missing the NCAA Tournament and missing games with a knee injury, Fultz has declared he’ll enter the NBA Draft and still is considered the top prospect for his well-rounded game. Being regarded as the best does not come easy. The Washington guard looks sound in every aspect of his game even defensively, which is rare at the college level. If he finds a good fit in the NBA he could become the next superstar and see a large amount of success.

Josh Jackson- Jackson is expected to play in the NCAA Tournament after serving a suspension for several off-court incidents, including allegedly kicking a woman’s car and causing damage and fleeing the scene after hitting a parked car while driving. Despite this Jackson is a good kid and an unbelievable basketball player. The long wing can hit shots and drive to the basket with ease. Playing at Kansas often gives college players a smooth transition to the NBA, therefore if he can stay out of trouble, he could be a franchise player in the next couple of years.