Chelsea Dominating England’s Top League


Capers Borders, Staff Writer

This year Chelsea Football Club has been breezing through the Premier League with ease. After a flustering season for the Blues last year, this year has been a great turn around and they find themselves 10 points ahead of the second best team. This healthy lead means that there nearest competition is 3 games back and means they can potentially cruise to a Premier League title. While Chelsea has always been a top club this years run has been no accident, the addition of N’golo Kante in the midfield, and the return to elite status for forwards Douglas Costa and Eden Hazard, has given them a substantial advantage over the competition.

While the Blues have had an excellent season so far they are looking to ensure their Title win with additions to the team at the end of the Winter Transfer Window. It appears as though manager Conte is looking to sign Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci. While the Chelsea defense has not been horrible this year, they have been struggling with injuries and the addition of Bonucci should be great news for center backs David Luiz and Gary Cahill.

With the second half of the season approaching Chelsea will look to maintain their lead and fend off contenders Tottenham and Manchester City. With both of these teams falling three games behind it will be crucial for Chelsea to win the head to head games against these clubs. Manager Conte is confident in his club saying that, “For me, this year, the league is very winnable for us and we will look to do so, Leicester has fallen greatly and we have a nice lead in the tables”. Although the season is not over, if the Blues are capable of keeping up their form, they should cruise to a title and potentially a deep Champions League run.