NBA Brings Ads to Jerseys


Capers Borders, Staff Writer

Recently the NBA has decided to follow the popular money making trend of placing advertisements on team jerseys. This is being done in an effort to increase money around the league and funding for teams. Although this has been around for quite sometime in soccer it is a brand new frontier for the NBA. Teams will be left with half of the money that the sponsored companies are willing to pay while the other half will go to a revenue sharing pool.

The first team to step into this new arena are the Philadelphia 76ers who have partnered with stub hub for a small logo patch. Many teams have followed suit since and ads on jerseys will be seen starting in the 2017-2018 season. Although jerseys sold nationwide from retailers will not have the patch, all jerseys sold at team locations will include the advertisements. The 76ers are the first to have reach out for ads on jerseys and it could be a very good step for them. As the team has won less than 20 games in the last three seasons, perhaps an increase in budget and a bold new step could be just what the franchise needs. New money could be used to attract potential players and revamp the program, while the abundance of money could also potentially allow for ticket prices to drop.

Bringing ads to jerseys in the NBA could be seen as controversial because of the money it brings in and making sure that money goes where it is supposed to go. The large influx of cash to teams who already had quite a lot it could lead to scandals and corruption around the league. Hopefully the regulations will do a good job in keeping everyone in check and allowing teams to grow and be more successful, while making sure there is still a level playing field.