Jonathan Green Inspires Magnet Students


The Black Student Alliance with Jonathan Green

Hosted by the Academic Magnet Black Student Alliance, Magnet students were treated to an assembly featuring world renowned artist Jonathan Green. The assembly began with an introduction by BSA President Kennedy Bennett. Mr. Green talked about his childhood, his “third eye,” his painting career, and the importance of art in all of our lives. He shared that he found success in painting those things that are important to him and to his culture.

After the assembly the Junior class was treated to a question and answer session with Mr. Green. The session was moderated by BSA member Semaj Fielding. Mr. Green shared how he paints in a series. He works on¬†10 to 15 paintings at the same time, all related to a particular theme. For instance, while he was speaking at the assembly students were treated to photographs of his “rice” series. He says that he has never experienced ¬†artists’ block and that he is always thinking of a new series to paint while working on another one.

The AMHS student body considers it a privilege that Mr. Green spent his morning with us.