Meeting the 2017 Super Soccer Seniors


Capers Borders and Gabi Rauls

This year the Men and Women’s Varsity soccer teams are chock full of talent. Some of the most talented members of these teams are the Seniors. This years boys Varsity seniors are Aaron Thornton, Capers Borders, Conor Coleman, Nathaniel Leroy, Garrett Smith,  and Evan Dockery. The girls Varsity Seniors are, Gabi Rauls, Kyle Thayer, Erin Schnell, and Maddy Turcotte. The Captains of the boys team are Garrett and Capers while the girls team captains are Gabi Rauls and Erin Schnell, Lets see what they have to say!


Interviewer (Q): How is the team looking this season?

Gabi Rauls (A):  It’s looking very promising.

Interviewer (Q): Is everyone excited for the scrimmage Thursday against James Island?

Gabi Rauls (A): Yes we are going to crush their souls.

Interviewer (Q): What are three things everyone should know about the team this year?

Gabi Rauls (A): We love chocolate milk, Pollo Loco is our mascot (don’t question him), and this year we are getting our state title back!

Interviewer (Q): Thank you Gabi good luck with your season and we look forward to hearing about all the great things the team accomplishes.

Gabi Rauls (A): Tell everyone to come out to some games!

Now, Gabi Rauls decided to ask me, Capers Borders, about the boys season.

Gabi (Q): What are the thoughts on the new team?

Capers (A): It’s looking pretty good.  We had some tough cuts this year but I think the team is well-rounded.

Gabi (Q): When is your first scrimmage?

Capers (A): Our first scrimmage is against JI on Thursday and it’s gonna be good.

Gabi (Q):  What does everyone need to know about the boys team?

Capers (A): This is the best team we’ve ever had and I’m excited to get my third state championship this year.