Prepared or Not: Here Comes College


Eleni Gaspar , Staff Writer

With college right around the corner for seniors, applications, SATs, ACTs and school visits are becoming a major talk. For most students looking into colleges, they may organize a realistic college list as well as a one to two reach or dream schools that they feel they must apply to whether they get in or not. Some students may see a certain college as their dream school due to money, selectivity or location. No matter what the reason is dream schools seem to be a predominant component of the application process for most seniors. A few seniors girls of the 2015 class were asked about what their dream school is and why.

Ella Berger wants to go to Columbia University in New York for the beautiful campus and the fact that it is only a twenty-minute train ride to New York City. The learning environment is excellent and there is so much diversity among cultures, majors and interests.

Becca Bosch is interested in Georgetown, which is located in the District of Columbia (D.C.), which offers an exciting city and awesome opportunities. The academics are great, but it is out of state, which mean much more tuition and a higher selectivity.

Marin Miller whose sister attends Emory University in Georgia considers Emory her number one dream school and her first option. There are a ton of majors and a “close-knit community feel” with the students and faculty that appeals to her. The academics are rigorous, but she considers it the perfect fit for her.

Lilly Schweickhardt would love to go to Duke University in North Carolina, but the average ACT scores to get in are very high. It’s one of her top schools and she’s always seen it as her dream, but applying to schools costs money, and it may not be worth it.

Grace Lesesne visited Wake Forest in North Carolina and fell in love with the location and campus. She likes the small size and prestige it is known for; however, it is private, making it much more expensive. If she can get into USC honors on scholarship there really is no reason to pay so much more to go to Wake, however Grace says she is definitely applying regardless.