Ballon D’or Front Runners


Capers Borders, Staff Writer

The Ballon D’or is the most elite single player trophy in all of soccer. Each year one player is given the award which identifies them as the top player in the world. Obvious front runners for the award are Lionel Messi of Argentina and Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal. Others who are being considered for the award are Paul Pogba, a midfielder from France, Antione Griezmann, a striker also from France, and finally Neymar da Silva Santos, a Brazilian winger. Of these players three stand out as the top prospects, Neymar, Messi, and Ronaldo all have done great things for both club and country that have put them in the top spots.

Messi is arguably the most known soccer player in the entire world and for good reason. The Argentinian forward is one of the most talented players the world has ever seen. He is most known for his dribbling and natural finishing ability. He is no newcomer to the award as he has received it four times already, and been nominated another two times. The Argentinian plays for Barcelona and has no shortage of titles to his name, winning the Champions league two of the past three years and often finishing atop the La Liga table. This year however things do not look great for the Argentinian man as he has been plagued by injury throughout the year.

Ronaldo for now, has been named as the overall frontrunner for the award. Clinching the Champions league title and the Euro 2016 cup. Team titles go a long way in deciding the winner of the Ballon D’or and because of this Ronaldo seems to be in the top spot. Even his competitor Neymar has spoken out saying, “Ronaldo is the front runner, he has won the Champions league and now the Euros, that goes a long way for the committee”. The Portuguese forward is known for his dribbling skill, and his shot. Originally he was known as one of the quickest players in soccer, however as he has grown older he has had to adapt his game to better suit his body.

Finally there is Neymar. The Brazilian winger is one of the most talented young players in the world and some consider him to even be the third best behind Messi and Ronaldo. Largely regarded as the most skillful player in the world he may not even be at his peak. His dribbling ability and pace help him to easily beat defenders one on one, however he more often than not dishes out assists rather than scoring himself. Because of his young age and growing potential he is almost always considered, however it will probably be another two to three years before he wins.