Spanish Honors Society Hosts Taco Tuesday

Academic Magnet’s National Spanish Honors Society hosted the first Taco Tuesday of the year.  The students were working to raise money for the Lamb Institute in Honduras.  The Lamb Institute works to help those in poverty; specifically children and adults victim to human trafficking.  Our students set up a buffet style taco station in the art hallway during lunch.  The students all helped serve the meat, beans, cheese, salsa, lettuce, tomatoes, rice and sour cream to those hungry for a taco.  Tacos were sold at $2 a piece or $3 for 2.  By the end of lunch, the Spanish Honors Society raised $225 for the Lamb Institute.  It was all anyone could taco bout!  Don’t worry if you weren’t able to grab a taco this time around because the NSHS hopes to have Taco Tuesday at least once more this year!


Enjoy some photos from this quarter’s Taco Tuesday:

If you would like to donate to Lamb or keep up with their current projects, visit .