AMHS: “Where Dreams Come True”

Disney World tourists Gabi Rauls and Blake Bernard pose for a picture with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

On September 28th, the students of Academic Magnet returned to the fond memories of their childhood for Disney Day. Each grade chose in advance to dress up as a Disney movie. The freshmen went down the rabbit hole for Alice in Wonderland, with many of them dressed as playing cards for the Queen of Hearts. The sophomores were inspired by the second star to the right for their chosen theme of Peter Pan. Wendys, Peter Pans, and Lost Boys were running around the school, along with the other half of the grade dressed as pirates, which was viewed by many as a slight toward the junior’s wall theme. Although not originally a Disney movie, the juniors came dressed as characters from Star Wars. Many were dressed in all black, but there were Stormtroopers, Yoda, and Jedi warriors among them. The seniors, however, took a different turn on the day’s theme. With the senior class trip in sight (even though it is in May), they dressed up as tourists at Disney World, covered in Disney garb and in awe of the famous Disney characters around them. Some seniors dressed up as Disney characters, such as Cinderella, Walt Disney, Peter Pan, and more. The tourists anxiously waited in line to get a coveted picture with their favorite childhood movie characters. All in all, Magnet’s first Disney Day went off without a hitch and will hopefully become a theme that occurs every homecoming week.