Flow: A New Healthy Addiction

If you’re ever bored in class, at lunch, at night before bed or any other situation look no more! The classic app game of Flow increases brain stimulation while satisfying all of your bored needs. Most people feel anxious when they play games where they’re timed or have to compete against someone else; however, with Flow this is never a problem. The popular app cell phone game has an option to not be timed and is self-played. However, if you are an adrenaline loving gamer, the app also has a timed option (however this is not as popular). The app also appeals to all genres of learning: kinesthetic, visual and auditory. Flow is a spin off of the well-known game of “connect the dots”. On the screen is a grid known as pipes, where there are pairs of color-coordinated dots. The object of the game is to connect the matching dots together while covering the entire grid (pipes). However, in the classic version of Flow the pipes cannot cross paths or else they will break. In this way Flow appeals to learners who are hands on, visual (with the colored dots), as well as when the colored dots are connected a noise is made, which appeals to auditory learners. The app store even describes Flow as an experience of “mind like water”, which can only be a positive adventure. However, the best part of flow has yet to come. There are nineteen different packs of Flow starting with the easiest 5×5 board and growing up to a 14×14 pack. Therefore Flow is also a diverse app that interests those who are up for a challenge versus those who are just interested in light-hearted fun. If anyone as crazy as myself lives up to the challenge of beating all nineteen packs of flow (that includes 150 puzzles per pack) there is a Flow Bridges (a separate app) that opens a new experience for all Flow lovers. In Flow Bridges, on the grid there will be a “bridge” for where the player may cross paths with two pipes. The bridge must be used in order to successfully complete the puzzle and therefore is slightly more challenging than the classic Flow. Just like the regular Flow, Flow Bridges has different levels starting with the 5×5 board and going all the way up to 14×14, except it only has sixteen different packs instead of nineteen like classic Flow. No matter which version of Flow you choose, you are guaranteed endless hours of fun because Flow is made for all different types of personalities. If you have hesitations about downloading the FREE app, don’t, you will not regret this heavenly investment.