Get Ahead on Spirit Week

Spirit week is approaching fast.  This year homecoming week starts September 26th.  Last minute themes, decorations and costumes won’t get you far.  If you want to make the most of the weeks themes and work towards winning first place on wall themes, get ahead!  Here are some tips that will help you find the best costumes, decorations and show the most spirit.

Monday: Charleston Derby Day

Tuesday:  Decade Day

Wednesday:  Disney Day

Thursday:  Generation Day

Friday: Wall Day

  1. Pick a good wall theme.  By good, we mean achievable.  Choose a wall theme that offers a variety of possible decorations and costumes.  The best way to do this is to discuss possible decorations and costumes before making a decision.  As a rule of thumb, put the wall before dressing up.  From experience with the tragic duck dynasty theme from the class of 2017, don’t pick a theme that is easy to dress up for but difficult to decorate. If you focus on the wall, generally costumes will follow suit.
  2. Decorate early.  Last minute wall decorations never work out.  The best decorations and centerpieces take creativity.  Simply deciding last minute to drag everything out of your little sisters room and pile  it in the hallway won’t get you first place.  Plan ahead and assign volunteers to help craft cool decorations.
  3. Shop early.  This goes along with tip number two.  Don’t wait till the weekend before spirit week to check out local thrift stores for cheap costumes.  By then, the best costume pieces have been picked over.  It’s important to remember that we are not the only school in the area that celebrates homecoming week.
  4. Participate.  Don’t be the kid that comes in wearing a t-shirt and jeans on super hero day.  You’re classmates will be bitter and conclude you’re not enthusiastic about your class.  Go all out and dress up as Captain America.  On a similar note, don’t sit around quietly at the pep rally.  Stand up and yell!  Having a good wall won’t win you first place.  You’re going to have to show some serious school spirit too!
  5. Raise money.  Don’t be the class that panhandles for loose change amongst your peers on the day of wall decoration.  Save up early.  Host a bake sale or or another fund raiser.  In fact, most of the time, simply asking for some student donations within your class is enough.  Plenty of students are happy to donate a few dollars for the theme.  The key is to start collecting early.
  6. Seniors will win.  This is the simple truth.  No matter how much you prepare or how much you yell, the seniors will yell louder.


Note to freshmen:  Getting your mom to build you a car out of cardboard isn’t impressive.  Do it yourself and save your mom the trouble.  Decorating your wall impressively only raises suspicion.  You’re at the bottom.  Make the most of it.