A New Food Everyone Should Try

Searching for a quick, healthy, and hydrating drink?  The perfect solution is here: Ryan Pace’s Verde Smoothie! Ingredients and instructions are below:

Be sure you have a functional blender before beginning.


-1 frozen banana

-1 cup of baby spinach

-1 cup of almond or cashew milk

-1 tablespoon peanut butter

-1 tablespoon stevia (sugar)


-teaspoon maca powder


Now that you are prepared, let’s begin!  First, turn on some of your favorite jams; when you feel good, your food tastes good. Ryan and I (Gabi) recommend any Chance the Rapper song. Next, plug in the blender. Be sure there are no liquids present near the food preparation area to minimize risk of electrocution.  Then, put all ingredients into the blender, order does not matter. Finally, blend all items to a light green purée.  Voilà! A perfect green concoction.

The Benefits of Ryan’s Verde Smoothie

Obviously this smoothie is healthy, but some of you may be wondering why. Let’s break it down.  To explain, verde means “green” is Spanish; the smoothie is green in color.  Despite the addition of spinach in the smoothie, the vegetable has no taste and instead the banana, peanut butter, and stevia provide the decadency in the drink.  Stevia is a plant extract that has a similar sweetness to sugar without the calories.  Finally, the super food boost (maca powder) is a South American root extract with several health benefits.  Maca powder is known to cleanse the body of toxins, clarify skin, increase energy, and improve mood. Using fresh, clean ingredients, your verde smoothie will surely be tasty and satisfying.