Staying Warm While Looking Cool


Juniors Grace Beischel and Lily Rumph shiver in the halls.

Now that Charleston’s “summery” winter break is over, it’s time to get back to business: staying warm. If you are like a lot of people that enjoyed those sunny and 75º days of Christmas, then these coming months of cold are the most miserable parts of the year. But have no fear, for these toasty tactics will keep you feeling like a marshmallow in a mug of cocoa.

1. This desktop coffee maker is perfect when you need a caffeine boost or a cup of hot cocoa to defrost.

coffee maker



2. Once you get your coffee or cocoa, this mug is here to warm your frozen fingers.




3. If your toes are frozen too, just put on some USB powered heated narwhal slippers.




4. Everyone knows about the Snuggie, the obvious choice to staying warm. But, did you know that you can get one for your dog? Now your whole family, pets included, can keep warm while looking fab!!!
snuggie-family (1)



5. If you prefer to snuggle in a Snuggie with your significant other, get yourself a Snuggie for Two!

snuggie for two



6. This electric blanket-Snuggie, called a Coz-e, has the best of both worlds.




7. These earmuffs are great for not only keeping your ears toasty but also blocking out the haters. Once spring comes around and you survive winter, all you’re going to say is “the cold never bothered me anyway”.
elsa earmuffs

Stay cozy Academic Magnet. Summer will be here in no time!!