School Rallies Around Anne Rodgers: Buff Puff at AMHS

The winning senior team, Tropics.

This past Friday, November 6, the Magnet student body banded together to raise $3,000 to finish Anne Rodgers’ kindergarten in El Sauce, Honduras. Anne has been working for months to educate kids in Honduras about gender equality and staying in school and the final step in her project is to build the physical kindergarten building.

Buff Puff was the perfect way to get the student body pumped about Anne’s kindergarten; the intense volleyball games between the 8 teams, 3 seniors, 2 juniors, 2 sophomores, and 1 freshman, got the school involved and excited to donate. There was a nail-biting showdown between the class of 2018 and class of 2016, with the seniors eventually coming out on top after a very stressful 3 matches for the fans. The winners, that went on to play the girls’ varsity volleyball team, were Tropics, including seniors Will Brigham, Kyle McGue, Andrew Alberg, Dylan Robinson, Nate Schlosser, Eduardo Da Costa, and Zach Lanning. Unfortunately for the lifeguard themed team, the amazing girls’ varsity team was on top of their game and won 2 out of the 3 matches. The runners up were the sophomore team; they had the opportunity to play against the team of teachers including, Mrs. Eicher, Mr. Eicher, Mr. Stackhouse, Mr. Rush, Ms. Roop, who faced an unfortunate hit to the face, Mrs. Lankford, Mrs. Grayson, Ms. Merriman, and last minute addition Mr. Corson, who was highly requested by the entire student body. All in all, Buff Puff was a hilarious way for the student body to support and rally around Anne Rodgers’ kindergarten in Honduras; great job, Magnet!

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The sophmores, the runners up.